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“Minister Speranza, that’s enough. Today’s duty is just revenge” – Libero Cottidiano


Pietro Cenalty

In Libero we are not ministers, we have never been communists, we cannot rely on a panel of twenty-five scientists to recommend every choice, or we have received almost four thousand votes in Botanza’s, it determines us. Sixty million patients. It is only natural that we should fail to understand the reasons behind the actions of Hon. Before vaccines were made we were always pro vaccines, and we shared the introduction of the green certificate, which allowed vaccinated people to live normally, allowing their offices, restaurants, clubs, cinemas and gyms to open without the need for tampons. Speranza assured us that we would not be affected by the Green Pass, but after its launch, we reached the peak of more than two hundred thousand positives a day, but nevertheless, we continued to support it because at least it allowed you to get sick. Not seriously.

The first phase – As the fourth wave began to frighten, we appreciated the additional restrictions that prevented those who were not vaccinated from having any kind of social life outside of work while proving themselves to be negative. We did our best to understand that Green Boss has now reversed its function, not as a barrier to infection, but as a way to motivate people for prophylactic treatment. We have openly condemned the fact that they seek every excuse and even the moon, believing that they are even the slightest enemies of science and civilized life and unable to allay their fears in order to serve the interests of society. To feed them. But now there is something that is not included. As of Tuesday, nearly one and a half million Italians over the age of fifty could not go to work, so even if they could prove they were not affected, they would lose their salaries. Vaccinated. It was founded last January 6, when infections were traveling at a rate of 220,000 a day, with Sporenza’s preferred technicians predicting that more or less these times, every twenty-four could reach half a million new positives. Hrs ..

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The owls were in disarray – True, as has often happened, the government has accepted responsibility for denying owls and infections have dropped by 75%. Tomorrow is the next day, so we will live in the surreal situation of human beings who can work freely at the beginning of the year, we were on the brink of the abyss, we do not know what our future will be, but who can not go. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during pregnancy and in children. Honestly, Minister, logic is leaving us. Assuming that neither she nor her advisers are the ones who want to harass citizens for no reason, we imagine what it would mean if the situation changed, as we imagine that its purpose is not to increase social tension until social tension erupts. Keeping the rules designed for dramatic scenes that don’t happen, makes it even better. It seems that its experts want to extend the penance of those who have not been vaccinated beyond the state of emergency, which expires on March 31, but we do not want to believe it, while Locatelly, Ricciardi and associates want to extend it. Green way until summer. If it is clear that the government wants to keep the green certificate out of necessity, they give healthy reasons to justify themselves. Since the vaccine, Pro Vox and Pro Green Boss, we take the liberty of suggesting that the government should abandon this business logic. The vaccinated person did so in order not to get sick or to get a little sick, which is, in addition to the satisfaction shown by the sense of civility, his reward. We are not happy about keeping others in cages unnecessarily, and as a people we all want to leave the plague behind us together. Immunization is a gesture of freedom that does not require meaningful revenge.

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