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Mina September 2, October 9, presents the second episode of the novel with Serena Rossi

Season 2 of Mina Settembre returns to Rai 1 on Sunday, October 9, at 9:25 p.m., with new cases and transformations for the social worker played by Serena Rossi. Let’s get acquainted with the plot and previews of the second episode.

Tonight, Sunday October 9on me Rai 1 At 21.25 it will be broadcast Mina September 2. The second season of imagination with Serena Rossi and Giuseppe Zino He will see the beloved social worker in the red coat again divided between work and private life. Let’s find a file plot and the progress The second episode is divided into two episodes with the title miss esposito And the A wonderful woman.

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Mina September loosely based on novels Maurizio Di Giovanni. The first season, directed – as well as the second – by Tiziana Aristarco, It won millions of viewers. The audience will affirm their affection and enthusiasm for 12 new episodes from this year? This appears to be the case. It was a great start the first episode , Which was a huge success Listen. The first appearance of the second season of Mina September It kept 5,237,000 spectators glued to TV, at 30%. Does a second date deserve a lot of attention?

In the spit We found it again Giorgio Pasotti As Claudio E Giuseppe Zino, In the role of Domenico. Marina Confaloni She continues to please her face to Olga, Mina’s mother. also present Christian Villangre And the Valentina D’Agostino, Respectively Irene and Titi, Mina’s best friends. There’s also room for a few new, streaming entries. Antonia Leskova Psychotherapist Julia Postiglione explains. In addition to, Mina September 2 He dropped the ace, and did nothing but Marisa Loreto, In the role of Hurricane Aunt Rosa.

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Mina Settembre 2, Episode 1 Preview, Protagonist’s Jealousy Crisis

Episode 3, Miss EspositoClaudio Brings Meena Written by Miss Esposito, five sisters in their eighties were very important figures to her childhood, like aunts. Women grapple with a strange problem. This circumstance brings Mina and Claudio closer to each other, especially when the protagonist discovers that she is now a “prev.” the husband He renewed his father’s boat. A gesture so romantic that it pierces the heart of the social worker, who also agrees to the rescue Irene with Tweety. A friend is actually afflicted with a breakup and why? Gianluca He decided to leave the house. Is there a second chance on the horizon for their friendship?

Episode 4 A Wonderful Woman Three factory workers, after being fired, began to work illegally on their own. Mina, Irene and Titi They pursue their case, completing unexpected shadows to discover the truth. However, the mission takes a turn for the worse when the police catch workers infiltrating an abandoned factory. to me Meena All that’s left is to get help from Irene, who will have to turn to lawyer Luigi Abbamondi, who has long been in love with her, to try to get them out of trouble. But at what cost? while, Meena suspected Domenico He has a new relationship, and is growing jealous.