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Military spending threatens crisis by looking at Tracy Conte: "Respect NATO obligations or majority agreement fails"

Military spending threatens crisis by looking at Tracy Conte: “Respect NATO obligations or majority agreement fails”

A tear Senate Between the benches The majorityA question and answer will change in between Giuseppe Conte And Mario Tracy. Meaning of Controversy: Increase Military spending Up to 2% of GDP. “I brought the concerns of the M5s and all Italians to Draghi. I also asked the Prime Minister to work for Italian healthcare resources. Expensive bills have tripled and we have discussed rising groceries. Priority issues related to increasing military spending to 2% of GDP,” said Palacio. Conte says after meeting with the chairman, less than an hour later, the prime minister is reacting for the first time. Was born Increasing military spending to 2% of GDP. The promises made at such a subtle moment on the threshold of Europe cannot be questioned. If this happens, the Agreement establishing majority“.

Conte: “I’m not talking about a crisis” – Draghi has never acted like this to the legitimate demands of the majority power. The government did not put enough pressure Matteo Salvini, Contrary to anti-Govt restrictions: In that case the League leader was given some contradictory answer at a press conference. However, at the moment, there is a very subtle theme on the table. After last week’s exemptions, Draghi was allowed in again Top five: A phone conversation today With Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron And Olaf Scholes. It will come after announcing that we want to abide by NATO’s promises, and after assuring us that our country is capable of absorbing “our share of” the gas supplied to us by the United States. Dangerous position weakened by Conte’s line. It may be because the head of government is using harsh tones against the leader of the M5s to question the future of the majority. This is despite the fact that the leader of the 5 stars completely rejected the hypothesis of a crisis. The situation was reaffirmed in the evening at Dimartedì in La7: “How can we talk about the government crisis? – Says Conte – Tracy also has the right to inform the president, but I’m not raising any governmental crisis: I can only say that the majority of parties can discuss terms, including time limits, if they want to plan military spending. Respect this pledge. “After the meeting with Palazzo Siki, in fact, after the meeting with Conte, they said that the Prime Minister had” gone to the head of state for an update on military investment. “One way to lock up his position. Pd: They tell it from the Nazarene Enrico Letta He follows “these moments anxiously.” But let’s go properly.

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Poll in the Commission – The clash erupted in the afternoon during Yin’s joint session Foreign and Security CommissionsThe government decided to establish an agenda of Brothers of Italy 2% increase in military spending. But without voting. The move will be in the room next Thursday and will most likely be requested by the Foundation. This decision opens up a problem between the parties supporting the administration: a while ago, in fact, With you At the press conference he announced that he would vote in favor of the move, but at the same time reiterated that he was not on his agenda. Brothers of Italy For an increase in military spending. Now 5 stars will be forced to either recognize or reject both. During a meeting in Palazzo Chiki in the afternoon, Conte and Draghi talked about it. “I brought the concerns of the M5s and all Italians to Draghi. I also asked the Prime Minister to work for Italian healthcare resources. Expensive bills have tripled and we have discussed the rise in grocery prices. Priority issues related to increasing military spending to 2% of GDP,” he said. Ner explained. “We need to update,” he added.

Count-Drake Conflict – Concerning weapons, Conte reiterated what had been expected in recent days: “I do not question the agreement with NATO, I do not want to question it since it was taken in 2014. But it would make sense to rush to respect the 2% limit. Create a peak in military spending at the most difficult time. Then he promised the majority: Opening is not a theme. We support the government and we have a right to be heard. Vote on the committee in the Senate Because they were willing to reject it, the agenda prompted a commitment to raise military spending to 2%, but it was decided not to vote for it. Tasks have now been updated. We discussed this with Tracy. We have different ratingsTo those who asked him if the M5S was ready to present an agenda with the opposite sign, he said, “Now we will talk to the senators – he responds – our priorities are clear and we will do everything that comes as a result.” Def There is no such thing as reasonably written there, But this does not mean that we have an opportunity to face. The problem can be postponed but it must be faced from a political perspective. However, Palazzo Siki thinks differently. In fact, from Palazzo Chiki, they link the debate on arms to the “agreement establishing a majority.” It also underscores what has been done by previous governments led by Conte: “The projects agreed upon in 2014 and the various governments that have succeeded in each other continue to provide a steady improvement in investment by 2024. The defense budget for 2018 was substantial in 2008. About 21 billion in 2018 and 24.6 billion in 2021 (an increase of 17 percent): these are figures from the Ministry of Defense in the Conte governments. Between 2021 and 2022, the defense budget will rise to $ 26 billion: an increase of 5.6 percent. ” I do not respect them. There are other countries that have failed to respect them. Trend 2% As previous prime ministers did not question. But if we tell ourselves this horizon of 2024, we will have a significant peak: 15 billion and, frankly, I believe citizens and the country now have other priorities. This does not mean that Italy does not respect the treaties. It will not be said, I did not say it myself. ” We will vote it in the Senate, We are in favor of this line. We are not talking about aid to Ukraine. The M5s support the government. It said yes to financial and humanitarian aid and even the M5s said yes to military assistance.

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Tension in the Senate – M5s senators participating in the joint session criticized the government’s decision: “The government’s decision to adopt the agenda is unacceptable. FdI Despite strong opposition from the mainstream majority, ”a note reads. An agenda that begins with “The Senate confirms the government” cannot be accepted without a referendum. “Again:” Roberta Pinotti He did not want to vote for it. In fact, Pinotte headed the proceedings today because he was a senator Vitto Petrocelli, The head of the foreign ministry and, contrary to the rule, did not appear. The note then concludes: “So we urge you to vote on this agenda”. The 5-star stance creates a lot of dissatisfaction with the majority, especially since yesterday the 5 stars rejected the hypothesis that the majority agenda is in favor of mediation. The Dem Senator just spoke today Alessandro Alfieri: “We understand the need of the parties to mark certain points,” he said after the session, “but this cannot be done by putting the government in trouble. We proposed as Pd to present at the majority meeting with D’Incà yesterday. A majority odg I have to say it was Option to discuss gradual increase in costs Make them part of the construction of security and general European security. 5 stars missed an opportunity to say no, but “we’re ready to resume the debate on a step-by-step path in future action. Antonella Campagna, Sitting on the Security Commission of the Palazzo Madama. “We know that the signing of a pledge by NATO to bring defense spending to 2% of GDP in 2014 is beyond question. However, our country has made this pledge. The increase in costs should also be considered.

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Where do the tears and votes in the church come from? – In recent days Order of Ukraine The go-ahead has come Montecitorio. On that occasion, the League’s agenda on military spending was approved (photocopy of the Fdi agenda currently accepted by the government) and even 5 stars voted in favor. Coming soon Leader M5s Conte His parents had declared no Never again voted in favor of increasing military spending. He reiterated at a press conference today that he “does not want to embarrass anyone” and above all does not want to discuss previous NATO deals. According to the M5s leader it is necessary Evaluate time and responsibilities In light of the new emergencies that Italy is experiencing, it is important to understand where the funds will be taken.