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Military costs, Conte: 'They want to crush the M5 in the corner'.  Guerini media: 'Gradual growth by 2028'.  5 stars: 'Good step towards us'

Military costs, Conte: ‘They want to crush the M5 in the corner’. Guerini media: ‘Gradual growth by 2028’. 5 stars: ‘Good step towards us’

A point of mediationIncreased military spending Is around and revolves around the concept of “Gradually”. Twenty-four hours after the collision Giuseppe Conte And Mario TracyTensions gradually subside. M5s leader To this day he defends the position M5s And denounced “those who want to suppress the movement in the corner” for “raising a problem”. But at the same time, he did not question the support of the administration, and only asked to spread the investment.Between now and 2030“. One horizon we can discuss: the afternoon, in fact, the Minister of Defense Lorenzo CuriniAnsa was interviewed, a “Gradual growth in 2028“Therefore, the NATO agreement (2024) is beyond the set date and very close to the requirement of 5 stars.They gave us irresponsible people until yesterday Because we were asking you to postpone the deadline to reach 2 percent in 2024. This is a good step towards that consistency and gradual nature, which we have always demanded. Secretary P.T. Enrico Letta Calls for mediation on Twitter: “Now if a government crisis opens up Italy will shock the whole world..

Meanwhile, The Order of Ukraine Came in Senate, But without an order to the Reporter, because the opinion of the Budget Committee was not sent to the Foreign and Security Committees to ensure that their work was completed in the speech. What does this mean? Program of Brothers of Italy The call for raising expenditure to 2% of GDP, which was approved by the committee yesterday, is drawing the tears of the majority. The Chamber finds voting in an already approved speech in Montecitorio and makes it easy for 5 stars to support it. Team leader M5s is delighted Marolina Castellon: “The best decision is to destroy the realm of doubt that we have not created or do not want. The movement’s faith in this arrangement can never be doubted. Vitto Petrocelli. In the evening the government hoped: The final vote on the speech would take place on Thursday, March 31 at 11 p.m.

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“Only 10 countries in NATO have ratified the treaty” – In the morning Conte returned to the topics of yesterday’s confrontation with the head of government. “The M5s posed a problem“, He declared,” when the movement presents a problem, the mainstream says, He wants a government crisis. This is the angle they want Crush us“In line with NATO agreements to increase military spending by up to 2% of GDP, Conte reiterated his position:” We need to define the curve of military investment. 2030 This ensures consistency. This can be defined with allies. Our country has the right to ask that. They say you can not make changes if you do not make a budget variation for weapons. Again: “I respond to those who say we use a tool position: There are 30 NATO members. They have respected the agreements in 10. So no one is saying do not respect the promises made, but To extend the curve until 2030“Since yesterday’s linking the 5 star’s demands for Palazzo Siki weapons to the crisis of the majority, the former prime minister has reiterated that” the M5s will continue to work for the benefit of the citizens, not for the government crisis, but for providing public knowledge solutions. “

The M5s level will gradually increase to 2030 – 5 stars then, after Conte’s new intervention, posted a post on Facebook explaining investments in weapons in recent years and funds allocated by Conte governments. He has also come from the Prime Minister to give an accurate answer to the allegations leveled against him over the past few days. “A re-armament race is now unthinkable“, It reads:” It is unusual to think of increasing our military spending to at least 12/15 billion in two years. We need to allocate at least 6 / 7.5 billion a year in the next two budgets. Can only be achieved with progressive growth in spending, for example from now until at least 2030 “. The post was restarted by the same Giuseppe Conte. “The mantra of ‘Conte governments have increased military investment’ has been repeated for days to discredit and reduce our position. For those who pretend or do not want to understand, we recommend looking at a simple map based on the official data of the Ministry of Defense, known as the ‘NATO Integrated Security Budget’ each year. Then he continues: “That is what they did not say These are physiological enhancements due to adjustment – Technology above all – With an annual increase of 1.6 / 1.8 billion (or less than 0.1% of GDP) per annum, our defense should not be forgotten, including extraordinary allocations to strengthen the military health associated with the Govt emergency. This is about 7/8% of the annual increase. He concludes: “We do not question international responsibilities, but the time established in 2014, another political, social and economic era.” That “goal” cannot be considered “an undeniable theory”.

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Conflicting Fdi agenda (later jumped) – The confrontation between Conte and Drake erupted in the Senate yesterday. During the joint session Foreign and Security CommissionsThe government decided to establish an agenda of Brothers of Italy 2% increase in military spending. But without voting. So, at first, it seemed that the 5 stars should have voted for a criterion contrary to Conte’s position. Shortly afterwards, yesterday afternoon, Conte was greeted by Drake: very nervous face to face, the Prime Minister at the end of the interview He went all the way to Cole to report to Mattarella. The “government” wants to reaffirm its commitment to “government” Was born Increasing military spending to 2% of GDP. The promises made at such a subtle moment on the threshold of Europe cannot be questioned. If this happens, the Agreement establishing majority“Conte was delighted on TV:” How can we talk about a government crisis? I did not raise any government crisis: I mean if we have to program something Military spending A majority party may argue i More temporary terms This promise must be respected. “

Pattuvanelli: “The League has voted against the government 3 times, the crisis has not opened” – Meanwhile, in the morning, the M5s who joined Conte was the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Paduvanelli: “I totally agree with Conte. I hope you do not back down from your promises 2014 Within NATO but today we are forced to shut down companies and citizens are in dire straits for energy costs, if the growth curve of military spending is commensurate with the life of our country we do, but now I think there are other priorities, ”he said. Told the radio cab. “The Ukraine mandate has a commitment to respect NATO’s obligations, which have never been questioned by the movement,” the agricultural policy owner reiterated. Commenting further on the government crisis provoked by Palazzo Siki: “Because every time 5 star motion We need to talk about a political theme government crisis, while there are political forces within the cabinet that voted differently for a majority. Nothing happened. I remember it three times League In the Council of Ministers he did not vote on the actions of the government and did not fear any crisis.

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