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Mild homophobic removes rainbow flags from game, bans them by NexusMods -

Mild homophobic removes rainbow flags from game, bans them by NexusMods –

Banning the NexusMods website is an obvious homophobic tactic of spreading it modern From Spider-Man from Marvel who removes rainbow flags from the game. Of course we are talking about the PC version, the only adjustable.

Some people don’t like the presence of rainbow flags in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s New York, obviously for their political connotations. In fact, there are not many, especially in comparison with the American flags, which make up the vast majority. Be that way, al Modder Who was hiding behind the “Mike Hawk” doll account, obviously upset even those few, because he decided to replace them with other American flags in a mod uploaded to NexusMods, a reference site for designers from all over the world, which also welcomes you to work with very modern games Like Stray and of course Marvel’s Spider-man.

Site administrators have removed the mode and Fake account ban And the main account of the limiter, which created some indignation in the community, with some seeing the procedure as too harsh. So Nexus Mods decided to respond with message Where the situation made its point and explained a thousand times the site’s guidelines.

Speaking of ban, which is what a lot of people focused on, the mod was uploaded from a doll account (a brand new account created by someone who already has an account on the site) called Mike Hawk. It was obvious how the mod was made trolling. The fact that, as a coward, the user had to create a fake account to download the mod clearly showed his intentions as a dwarf and that he knew he was doing something that wasn’t allowed. Had he not been a coward and used his main account, we would have simply removed the mode and told him we didn’t want to host it, blocking it just in case it uploaded again after the warning. Creating a doll account removed all doubts, making our decision very easy.

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regarding Contents Of the edit, NexusMods reiterated that it’s for diversity and inclusion and that it will take action every time edits that go in the opposite direction are uploaded: “As a private company, we have the right to choose what content we want and don’t want to host on our platform. Respect that right the same way you would. that your rights are respected.”

The message closes inviting those angry with this choice to delete their accounts.