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Milan, Robbery of Matteo Salvini’s son: two youths arrested

Robbery Before Christmas – The robbery against Federico Salvini took place on December 23 via Jacopo Palma. Trial Judge Domenico Santoro signed the arrest warrant at the request of prosecutor Barbara Penzi. Not only the cell phone, but also the money from the wallet of the son of the North State Corporation leader was robbed.

A hairdresser’s shop – According to a reconstruction by agents of the Flying Squad, along with police officers from Bonola Police Station, immediately after the robbery, two juveniles, disorderly offenders and now in jail, entered the hairdresser’s shop not far from the scene. In the attack, the phone was stolen under a sofa, hidden and unbeknownst to the owner, and then returned the next day claiming to recover it.

Police photos – The store owner, who recognized the men who had entered the business the night before and realized that the recovered phone might be stolen, photographed them and later alerted the police, while the phone was returned to its rightful owner. The escape of the two Egyptians was completed between Wednesday and Thursday. During the day, trial judge Santoro first questioned the alleged robber, who answered questions.

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