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Milan, dal tuffo di Welbeck al gol annullato a Kessie contro lo United fino allo 'sciagurato' Cakir: Uefa, ora basta!

Milan, from Welbeck’s dive to Casey’s disallowed goal against United to ‘unfortunate’ Cacher: UEFA, that’s enough! | first page

As evidenced by criminology, Three proofs prove it. And if the clues become four or five, the evidence is certain and firm. In the past few years, Since Silvio Berlusconi bid farewell to the presidency, Milan has not been lucky at all in Europe, sending referees by UEFA. To put it mildly. Last night who was in San Siro was able to attend One of the worst racing trends of the past 20 years, in the match that the Rossoneri undeservedly lost against Atl├ętico de Madrid: one of the most incredible matches Since the time of Byron Moreno, On the occasion of the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, when the Ecuadorean whistled on a trip to Italy with an evil referee.

Priest Schiagorato and his March errors – Yesterday eveningTo Cakir the Turk, the manager who winks at the mighty and who has already caused massive damage to Juventus and Roma, He has become the ultimate protagonist. Not only The controversial double yellow for Casey or the non-existent penalty awarded to Madrid in the 97th minute after two minutes of Var. hallucinations, in direct contact with Mo’awedun has so far only refereed two international matches, a friendly match between African teams from the second floor and a qualifying match for the Conferences League.: but in general an ethnic tendency, in the words of Bewley, “When in doubt, he always leaned to one side” Is that Punishes very similar episodes in a different way, Come ram de paul in tonali, Not even punished with a fault, or The uncoordinated shot of Marcos Llorente in the Atletico area, That the game is not even stopped. Simeone’s words At the end of the race, they passed with great sincerity what was a real disaster by the Turkish whistle.

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From Welbeck’s Journey to Casey’s Cancelled Target – In general, though, if we do uA review of Milan’s recent years in European competitions, between the European League and the Champions League, We realize something is wrong: Important mistakes, often decisive By match officials: starting from Arsenal – Milan from 15 March 2018, The return of the 32nd round of the European League, after a few minutes the referee pointed to the referee Penalty kick for alleged affair between Ricardo Rodriguez and Danny Welbeck, not at all responsible for a mistake. continue with Manchester United – Milan on March 11, 2021The first leg of the round of 16 of the European League, after 11 minutes A VAR goal was disallowed due to Frank Casey’s alleged arm control. Watched and reviewed, it doesn’t look like that at all

Athena and FFP themes “have fun” – There is also to mention The last European League group challenge 2018, When you are in the Athens match Against Olympiacos, the Greeks are given the least dubious penalty, for a foul by the Abate on the Torosids, also in this case certainly close to non-existence. In addition to these field loops, they must be taken into account Exclusion from the European Cups for the 2019/2020 season, following developments in the clean financial situation: One of the few clubs that have to struggle Provide UEFA, who often pretend not to see or choose not to be penalizedNS.

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From Collina to Rossetti, UEFA Italian designers – The paradoxical thing is that The UEFA designer is now Italian Roberto Rossetti, and after that, Until 2018, the Italian Pierluigi Collina. It may well be that the IFAB will review, analyze and explain the sequence of episodes against Milan, even if we are talking about a utopia.: So far, the Trophy of Mistakes he’s been experiencing has definitely peaked.