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Migrants, weak Greek shield on the Turkish border on the Evros River.  We start with 100m for the first 35km

Migrants, weak Greek shield on the Turkish border on the Evros River. We start with 100m for the first 35km

While Turkey announces it yield In 2022 in total 55,502 Afghan citizensAthena decides to double it Greek shield On the Turkish border on the Evros River: The Greek government aims to “isolate” the Balkan corridor for migrants and block arrivals from Turkey (which still receives money in Brussels).

the Mitsotakis government Gave the go-ahead to one 140-kilometer fence on the Evros RiverAs announced by the Minister of the Interior today Theodoricakos. We start with 100 million intended for the first 35 kilometers which will be added to the already existing barbed wire. The Evros border is a nerve center, not only for Greece, but because it is the spigot that Erdogan has repeatedly threatened to open to allow 5 million Syrian refugees They are being held on Turkish soil, according to the Turkish-European agreement signed in 2016.

reaction Erdogan Not long after coming, it was revealed through the mouth of the Ministry of Defense that a Turkish Navy drone was going to record Footage of the Greek forces Illegal rejection of a boat carrying illegal immigrants in Turkish territorial waters. Therefore, Ankara boasts that it has repeatedly condemned Greece’s illegal practices Rejection of asylum seekersNoting that it violates human values ​​and international law.

All while Erdogan, in the wake of the opposition’s attachment to the maritime border, is increasing tension with his neighbors. “Let’s unleash the tornado. What is the radius of action of the tornado? 561 kilometers”, referring to the range of his new missile, which was tested in the Black Sea. In theory, he will be able to hit Athens.

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According to Interior Minister Theodorikakos, Erdogan’s difficulties “determine his political moves and the constant provocative rhetoric with which they believe they can influence our relations,” adding that Greece He cannot be threatened from no one. Athena rejects challenges with equanimity and sheer determination. The Turkish leadership has known this for 3.5 years with the prime minister Kyriakos MitsotakisOur homeland has been strengthened strategically and militarily, it is respected and no one, absolutely no one, can threaten even a millimeter of Greek land, air or sea.

Greece and Turkey, which will run for elections next year, are still champions in one season strong frictions: Immigration is only the tip of the iceberg that continues under the rubric of energy and geopolitics.

Fears of a “hot” bout in the Aegean Sea are intensifying. The Turkish side is trying to push the tension to the extreme with provocations in the air with encroachments by F-16s From the sea. Two days ago, a Turkish whaler harassed a Greek coast guard vessel with the intention of ramming it. The incident occurred in the southeastern area of ​​Farmakonisi, within the Greek territorial waters, where the Greek ship headed to identify three Turkish fishing boats fishing in the area, but on suspicion that they were spy ships, they were sent in the handkerchief waters where the search for new gas fields is underway.

The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, sent a message of support to the respective islands while he was in Gavdos for the Epiphany celebrations: “Greece does not accept proposals on how to assert its sovereign rights. Investigations have begun west of Gavdos for the presence of natural gas deposits. I call on neighboring countries to enter into fruitful negotiations with Greece. As we did with Egypt, we can do the same with Libya, ”the Prime Minister emphasized in response to Erdogan’s threats, who 24 hours ago announced retaliation if Athens agreed to oil exploration.

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In this regard, we note the position taken by the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob MenendezAccording to Erdogan’s continued threats to Greece, “behavior is totally unacceptable for the leader of a NATO country, these senseless intimidations must stop.”