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Migrants use Uber to enter the European Union illegally

Migrants use Uber to enter the European Union illegally

AGI – To cross the border between Belarus and Lithuania, and thus illegally enter the European Union, immigrants also use Uber. He said it there European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Elva Johansson, at a hearing in the European Parliament.

“There are indications that the Belarusian authorities are facilitating illegal immigration” to Lithuania “perhaps in response to” EU sanctions “and against Lithuania’s support for civil society in Belarus,” said the commissioner, who clarified. 22-fold increase in arrivals of illegal immigrants from Belarus”, and “there are already 1,600 in this first part of the year”. A situation that is “deteriorating from week to week.”

Johansson said they were immigrants.Most of them are Iraqi nationals, but there are also many Congolese and Cameroonians“The migrants arrive on commercial flights to Minsk from Istanbul and Baghdad. Then they “cross the border on foot to apply for international asylum.” There have also been cases of “Uber arrivals” in Lithuanian cities closer to the Belarusian border.

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