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Migrants: Two NGO ships in Italian waters, fined by authorities – Chronicle

“The Humanity 1 ship will not go to Catania, it never wants to. We have not found a safe place to disembark the 179 survivors on board. We entered territorial waters yesterday to seek safety from the bad weather, wind and waves. But we did so only after obtaining permission from the Catania port authorities. This was done by Sos Humanity. An NGO has announced.

“After seeking permission from the Italian authorities, the Geo Parents, a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) search and rescue ship, entered Italian waters due to bad weather. We have been waiting for more than 10 days for a safe place to disembark for the 572 survivors on board. Last request to the Italian authorities. As of 22.27 last night, as for the others, we are still waiting for a positive response, announced Juan Mathias Gil, MSF head of mission for search and rescue operations.

Four NGO ships are off the coast of eastern Sicily for safe harbor to disembark migrants rescued in the Mediterranean. They were the German Humanity 1 with 179 men, and the Rise Above, with 90 men aboard, two rescued by medical personnel and transferred to Syracuse; and the Norwegian Ocean Viking, with 234 migrants aboard, and Geo Parents, 572 rescued. According to the signals from the transponders emitted by the ships, the Geoparents and Humanity 1 are currently about 12 miles off the coast of Catania, the first a little south and the other north of the city. Last night they were said to have moved close to the coast to protect themselves from a violent storm that hit eastern Sicily, but later reverted to a ‘standby’ position. Still in front of the Catania coast, but close to Asirale, the Ocean Vikings, which, however, appear to still be in international waters, are stopped a few miles from their range. A height in front of the Ionian coast of Messina, further north of Taormina, not far from the coast of Sicily and Calabria. Everyone is waiting for the checks announced by the Home Ministry.

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