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Previsioni per Ferragosto

Mid-August, Monday August 15 Strong thunderstorms and African anticyclones; Areas at risk of rain »

Weather: Mid-August, Monday August 15 with strong thunderstorms and African anticyclones; Rain prone areas

Forecast for FerragostoImportant updates on the Ferragosto party view! The latest weather forecast paints a clear picture for the day Monday, August 15: Indeed, a divided Italy awaits with storm turbulence on one side and a new advance of a warm African anticyclone on the other.

By extending our view to the entire European chessboard, let’s see how one develops in the coming days. A powerful depression in Northern Europe Driven and fed by cooler and more unstable currents of Atlantic origin. In essence, this is an organized disturbance after a very long time (months), which will move its center of gravity southwards, affecting a part of our country.

Given the type of configuration, there is more at stake than this storm attack will be parts North and part of the center; Attention, because we do not exclude the possibility that the expected strong differences between completely different air masses and large energy potentials (derived from the very high temperatures of our oceans) Extreme weather events (hail, flash floods, high winds), as recent news unfortunately reminds us.

In detail, from Monday afternoon, August 15We expect Temporary First of allAlpine ArchLater in extension, but scattered and irregular, even in Evening in the plains of Lombardy and the local Veneto. By evening, some aftershocks may reach Tuscany and Lazio and Umbria (storms are also possible in Rome).

Other parts of Italy speak differently Anti-Africanism will expand further in the Mediterranean region, supported by boiling air coming directly from the heart of the Sahara desert. In these areas, it is reasonable to expect a lot for August 15 the sun With maximum temperatures rising rapidly above 34°C in the afternoon hours.

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Mid-August: Strong thunderstorms in Mid-NorthMid-August: Strong thunderstorms in Mid-North