Saturday, July 20, 2024

Microsoft updates Xbox consoles, consoles, PC application and cloud gaming: let’s see all the news


A whole series of updates related to Xbox consoles, consoles, the Xbox PC app and cloud gaming have now arrived. Let’s see what new features Microsoft has introduced.

Microsoft announced the arrival ofUpdate for Xboxwith console, accessories, PC and cloud gaming news.

starting from observervalid on every platform, it’s explained that “If you’re using an Xbox Adaptive Controller, you’ll have expanded support for more connected USB accessories. This update will better support the full functionality of certain accessibility peripherals. Each port now supports up to 12 ports Additionally, the wireless disconnection of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller will be improved when connecting the headset to the 3.5mm audio port. Additionally, other bugs will be fixed to make the game smoother.

What’s new for xbox

As for Control unitNow it will be possible to customize your wallpapers further, mixing dynamic themes and rotating images selected from the gallery. There are also more color options. We’ve also made it easier to switch between wireless networks: Xbox can remember up to 10 networks without having to re-enter your password.

Xbox Series
Xbox Series

the Subscriptions They can now be managed directly from your account settings console. Finally, there are some “experiments”; That is, you may see updates like the ability to find people using console search, updates to the layout and style of the Game Pass page, and additional information for search tab results and store buttons, with these experiences being introduced, which a random subset of players will be able to experience.”

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What’s new for PC and the cloud

As for ComputerMicrosoft says that “all PC players can now enjoy new navigation options within the Xbox app on PC. The Game Pass tab will now display options to directly access all games from Xbox Game Studios, EA Play, and Riot Games available in the catalog.” .

Three Xbox Cloud displays with Xbox controller
Three Xbox Cloud displays with Xbox controller

Talking about cloudsInstead, you can now “manage your game data and cloud saves for games played in your browser at, from the Samsung Smart TV app, and on other supported cloud gaming devices.” In addition, there is “mouse and keyboard support for cloud gaming on Edge and Chrome and for the Xbox app on PC.”

Finally, we would like to point out that Xbox has several other announcements to be made and some news will arrive from Gamescom 2024, for those who know on the inside.


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