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Microsoft announces Project Moorcroft, a beta service for Game Pass users -

Microsoft announces Project Moorcroft, a beta service for Game Pass users –

Microsoft announced during the Xbox Brief, a date when the Redmond giant will outline its gaming strategy Project Moorcroft. This is a special service for experimental for users game arcade Which is meant to be of great use to both development studios and users. In fact, the latter can try a game ahead of time and see if it’s right for them, while studios will be paid to create these demos.

As we say in The Special The Future of Xbox, between Cloud and Game Pass, “Project Moorcroft is a program that will enrich Xbox Game Pass with the ability to Try previewing the offers Of the games in development “This is an initiative similar to Steam Next Festival”. Thus users can discover new games to follow and get a better idea before buying them; On the other hand, developers can take advantage of advertising demos and, above all, they can gather feedback on what works well and what works less well”, says Vincenzo Lira.

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PlayStation recently announced a similar program for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but compared to the alternative proposed by Sony, Project Moorcroft has two important differences: On the one hand, the program is absolutely absolute. my choice for developers, who can freely decide whether or not to publish a demo; Co-developers will also come Compensation For the time and resources spent to create a demo, a detail that can never be neglected and that can convince more and more development teams to embrace the project over time.”

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