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Michelle Lamberti 4 cents from the Bronze Age 50 Noon World Champion

Michelle Lamberti 4 cents from the Bronze Age 50 Noon World Champion

Michelle is 5th in the final from 50 backstrokes, Mathieu plays drums in 4×200 style and then helps from the stands until the final where his teammates are fourth.

Sunday without a medal for the Lamberti brothers the Abu Dhabi World Short Track Championship, but still full of satisfaction. Good exam. Michel proves in his favorite discipline that he can keep up with the strongest player in the world, but at the end of the final, there are still regrets about what would have happened if the middle son of Giorgio Lamberti and Tania Vannini had introduced himself in the Arab national team. The UAE is in the best condition. Only one data is enough to prove this thesis: if in the final he had repeated the time trial in November at the European Championships in Kazan, he would have won the gold medal.

A matter of cents

However, history is not made with ifs and buts. Fiamese swimmer Jill and team gam touch the board A 22″ 94, in fifth And salute medalSilver – finished around the neck of another blue Lorenzo Mora and German Christian Diner, both certified with 22″ 90-de Only four cents. A small difference deprives Michel of satisfaction with the podium. His Italian record of 22″ 62 will secure the titleGiven that Russia’s Kliment Kolenikov in 22-inch 66 is dyed gold, four cents worse than the Lamberti staff.

At the end of the race, Michelle realizes she did everything she could: «You have gone beyond what I can offer. Unfortunately, he did not arrive here in the best condition. Meanwhile, his adventure in the World Championships is not over yet, because in the call of names 200 impressions missing.

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Touch and run for Matthew

Touch and run inside the World Cup instead Big Brother MatthewYesterday morning it was powered by a 4×200 battery. Italy launched by Alberto Razzetti, man of the tournament so far at the home of the Azzurri, leads the first change, a position also held by Filippo Migli and Marco Di Tullio. Matteo Lamberti, author of the 1’45” 01 released part, will then take care of closing the coil and qualifying the relay in the final. In the first round, only 6’56” 52 of the Blues were surpassed by 6’54” 83 of the Russians. In the evening, there was no appearance of the older brothers Lamberti, as the technicians chose the quartet made up of Ciampi, Ciccone, Migli and Razzetti. Italy closes in fourth place Behind the United States, Russia and Brazil.

In addition to Mora’s silver medal, day four of the World Championships presents a 4×50 freestyle and bronze victory for Thomas Circuit in the 100 medley. The gold-plated are Leonardo Diplano, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Manuel Frigo and Alessandro Merisi, exceptional at striking at 1’23” 81 Russian, Dutch and American. Ceccon, on the other hand, is third in four styles at 51″ 40, yielding to Russian Kliment Kolesnikov (gold at 51″ 09) and Norway’s Tomoe Hvas (51″ 35).