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Michelangelo Formatino's 'Il Pugo' will be released in the United States

Michelangelo Formatino’s ‘Il Pugo’ will be released in the United States

Hole From Michelangelo Framardino Released in the United States in 2022. Winner of the Special Jury Award Venice Exhibition And excellent reception New York FestivalThe film begins with a historic event in Italy in the 1960s: at the other end of the country, as tall and tall buildings are being built in the north, a team of young splenologists explore a deep cave in Europe. Unpolluted domestic Calabrian. They will discover the abyss of Fifurdo, then, in 1961, the third deepest cave in Europe.

Venice 78. ‘Hole’, the deepest cave in the world – clip

The film, from the amazing photo taken by the Spologist director who lowered himself with ropes after a training class, was a Fiferto vertical cave, with no dialogues or soundtrack. From Martino was much loved in 2010 by cinema fans around the world Four times.

Venice 78. Presented by Frammartino for ‘Il buco’: “We are the writing experts of underground cinema”

The relationship between man and nature is at the heart of Framardino’s work as a filmmaker at the Milanese Festival. trees, A recommended video installation

Framordino’s “Art” Alberti

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