Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Michael Guerrero has been elected the new mayor of Pharma. The center-left returned to victory in the city after 24 years


Michael Guerrero New Mayor of Pharma. Candidate of Center left (Please help Pd And the movement of the outgoing mayor Federico Pizzarotti), Clearly beats on the ballot Pietro Vignali (Former Mayor of Pharma from 2007 to 2011) Support In the center right And came back surprised Scene after two-year petition deal for corruption and fraud. The new mayor took office 66%, 34% against Of the challenger. Thus the center-left turns to win in Burma: It has not happened since 1998. The center-left parties backed Guerrero, who was the council’s councilor for culture.Pharma effect“, The movement called the outgoing mayor Federico Pizzarotti Created after he left M5s (Movement not participating in the election round of Emilion City). “The choice of opposition candidates helped us,” the former mayor cheered for his candidate’s victory. The center-right is, in fact, divided in the city of Dougal. “We have built a strong, new center-left camp for the city: hope it can be a model, a political laboratory, and I hope it will still be,” commented new mayor Guerrero. .

Guevara is 40 years old and a full-time professor of cinema history At the University of Pharma. As Councilor for Culture he was the protagonist of the title Capital of Italian Culture that held Pharma in 2020, when the epidemic effectively canceled the entire project, and then extended to 2021, albeit in a more complex context.
The outcome of the referendum, in a certain sense, is in the name of continuity and decay: Guevara is in full agreement with the outgoing mayor, in the experience with which he participated. ‘Pharma effect‘. However, this suspension remains the main party Center left He returns to the city government after 24 years of opposition because, before the deal, he was blessed by the regional head. Stefano Bonacini, The Democrats were in the minority. Now it will be the largest committee in the city council, leading the coalition and, in all likelihood, revealing the deputy mayor.

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From the first round, Guerrero was in favor of Vignali Very clear, And two weeks ago it was 44% to 21%. But because other mayoral candidates are clearly opposed In the center right (Civil lists supported by Action, Green Europe and Power to the People / PRC) Total 21% of the vote. In this sense, Guevara is also the enemy’s choice and the Center-right pays Even the initial split: In the first round Vignali was really supportive Lega and Forza ItaliaBut not from Brothers of Italy Who took 7.5% with the self-employed. During the election campaign, Salvini and Meloni argued for this choice: on the ballot, the FTI gave signs to Vignali to vote, without even a hint of formalization. Even in Pharma, the turnout was very low: in the second round, in fact, just 39.2% voted, 12 percentage points lower than in the first round two weeks ago.


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