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Metaverso e Web 3.0 imprescindibili entro due anni

Metaverse and Web 3.0 are essential in two years

85% of business leaders in e-commerce, marketing and information technology say cutting-edge technologies such as metaverse (85%) and Web 3.0 It (87%) will be essential to their business over the next two years, helping to unlock new sources of income and secure their business future.

However, artificial intelligence tops the list, with 9 out of 10 leaders (91%) considering it critical to the success of their business. It is also the technology that companies feel most comfortable working with, and 94% say their companies are already well equipped to take advantage of this technology; More than half (51%) of respondents have already implemented some form of AI, while a third (33%) said they have one in the pipeline.

Research on disruptive technologies, conducted by Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology, interviewed leaders in IT, e-commerce and marketing in the UK, US and China, and found that 92% of respondents had already adopted or were about to implement at least one of the six major disruptive technologies: artificial intelligence, Web 3.0, the metaverse, Blockchain, Decentralized Identity Technology and Extended Reality. In particular, leaders still consider Web 3.0 (70%) and Metaverse (65%) to be revolutionary.

Despite high levels of confidence in technology adoption, on average two-thirds (67%) of leaders believe it would be beneficial to work with professionals to implement each of the disruptive technologies. More than a third (37%) are still struggling to find the right strategic partner.

Even with increasing confidence and investment, the level of uncertainty and lack of understanding continues to weaken the ability of companies to adopt these technologies. 51% of small businesses, in particular, are unsure of the benefits of Web 3.0, and two-thirds (65%) view the metaverse as an illusion.

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Nick Harry, CTO of Wunderman Thompson Commerce said:Technology allows companies to create new solutions, services, or products to meet the ever-changing and often high demands of consumers. Today we expect to be amazed by the latest technology and ideas, but we are quick to dismiss baffling, slow or unreliable solutions. This is why the metaverse is still relatively in its infancy, because it’s hard to imagine what the world of work, entertainment and even shopping could be like in an amalgamated virtual and physical environment. The leap forward for any company is still fraught with challenges and a lack of understanding. It is essential to have the right technology partners, invest in the right skills and take the time to understand how innovation can bring meaningful and positive changes to the customer journey. Companies need to find a balance and invest in the right technology that will secure the future of their business and customer base for years to come“.

source: Wonderman Thompson

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