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Metal Gear Solid 4 could have made it to Xbox 360, but the port was too complicated –


Metal Gear Solid 4 He might even come out Xbox 360if there is no big one Technical complications To prevent this: DVD player. The story of how Microsoft planned the console version, but was cut short in the process, is told in the volume “The Ultimate History of Video Games, Volume 2: Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Billion-Dollar Battle to Shape Modern Gaming” by Steven L. Kent, where PS3 exclusivity was also dismissed, the latter being taken for granted after then-President of PlayStation, Jack Tretton, specifically said that Metal Gear Solid 4 was an exclusive.

According to what is reconstructed in the book, Triton’s claim was simply false. To reveal it, it was Ryan Payton, former developer of Kojima Productions, who instead explained how Team Konami were against the outlet because they considered the Xbox 360 to be inferior. DVD player Instead of a Blu-Ray player, and although the port works fine, at least according to internal testing by the development team, they chose to abandon it because it would have required a lot of discs. Even Microsoft directly asked Kojima to do it during E3, but there was nothing to do.

It must be said that talking about PS3 Exclusive As for Metal Gear Solid 4, it’s not quite right, although there is no agreement between Konami and Sony, since the game has not been released on any other platform.

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