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Metacritic reveals the 10 worst games of 2023. First place is unconvincing

Metacritic reveals the 10 worst games of 2023. First place is unconvincing

As the end of the year approaches now, Metacritic He drew Ranking of the 10 worst games released in 2023, or rather those with the lowest average scores ever. In the first place we find Lord of the Rings: Gollumone of the titles that has certainly generated a lot of buzz, and not in a positive way, in recent months.

Let’s see the full ranking:

  1. Lord of the Ring: Gollum – 34
  2. Flashback 2 – 35

  3. Greyhill Incident – 38

  4. Error amount – 40

  5. Covenant: High Human Medal – 41

  6. Crime Boss: Rocai City – 43

  7. Hellboy: Weird Network – 47

  8. Sherwood Gangs – 48

  9. Luo 8: Summer of the Gods – 49

  10. Gargoyles Remastered – 49

Is Lord of the Ring: Gollum really the worst game of 2023?

The ranking above includes games with the lowest average ratings released in 2023, excluding titles that did not. At least 7 reviews From a Metacritic certified publication.

Without taking anything away from The Lord of The Ring: Gollum, which will likely be remembered as the worst video game in the Middle Tower universe, this prerequisite rules out one of the prime candidates for the deceptive recognition of Worst Game of 2023. We’re talking about Skull Island: Rise of Kong, which currently includes Metascore of 23 But it couldn’t reach the top of the charts as it only has 5 critical reviews under its belt.

The flaws of the game published by GameMill based on King Kong are there for all to see: a B-movie plot, bungled and flawless gameplay borrowed from the 2000s, an equally underdeveloped graphics department, and a large number of bugs and static images used within the cutscenes , generally gives a feeling of superficiality and rushed, low-budget manufacturing.

Also from GameMill in 2023 came another terrible game that unfortunately didn’t make the Metacritic ranking, The Walking Dead: Destinies, which we gave a 4 out of 10 in our review. In this case we have a Metascore of 29 With 4 reviews under its belt and an unenviable average of 2.7 in terms of user ratings.

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