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MERLA’s DAYS is in the balance, but the real turn will come next week. Updates »

WEATHER: Days of MERLA are in the balance, but the real turn will come next week. Updates

Possibly cold on Blackbird daysBetween the end of January and the beginning of FebruaryItaly will be in the balance, has been pulled almost from one side due to the high pressure that keeps half of Europe under control and from the other side by Ice flow from the North Pole Wait for nothing but to stretch over the Mediterranean basin, just like what happened in recent days in Greece e Turkey, overshadowed by a wave of frost and snow of historical proportions.

tradition that January 29-30-31 It is remembered asMerla days‘, to indicate one of the . files The coldest periods of all winter.
according to LegendThe days of the end of January are named after a black-and-white bird that took refuge in a chimney to escape the cold. Three days later I came out of the chimney, completely black. Since then all blackbirds have been black. Tradition also attributes to “Merla” the ability to predict the course of the following seasons: if the three days are cold, then spring will be warm and sunny. Otherwise, the spring will be slow to manifest itself.
However, this year is the real year turning point can reach in the context next week, immediately afterwards, due to the arrival of Strong slope of arctic air with grave dangers for Italy, at least in some areas.

From the point of view of the weather Our attention is particularly focused on two main characters: on the one hand, we have a very large high pressure area centered on the Iberian Peninsula, the British Isles and France; On the other hand A deep depression hails from Russia Able to remember very cold currents marine arcticAnd Coming directly from the North Pole.
Well, if there are no major shocks until at least January 30 and the anticyclone will continue to dominate our country, with the only pitfalls being the fog of the northern plains, between the second part of Monday January 31 and the first Tuesday of February, one will come turning point Due to the arrival of colder and unstable currents descending from the North Pole.
L ‘break in From these air masses of the rune portal can help form a cyclonic vortex in the mediterranean sea With more than a tangible possibility Rainfall It is borne mainly by our southern and central regions, even at low altitudes it is snowy.
We will see if this trend is also confirmed in upcoming updates: in fact it will mark the beginning of a more dynamic period that will affect the rest of next week and, in general, the first part of February.

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We conclude with: Blackbeard daysIf the weather is cold, then spring is beautiful, and if it is warm, then spring will come later….
Would that really be the case?

The hypothesis of the frost wave coinciding with the days of the Blackbird (end of January)The hypothesis of the frost wave coinciding with the days of the Blackbird (end of January)