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Mercato San Severino Burger King Pub

King Burger Pub is located in Mercato San Severino in the province of Salerno. Here’s all the info on the location, menu and prices.

King Burger Pub: Where is it and information

After many years, it became a file The town of Mercato San Severino Awarded away in pub From dreams, we’re talking about King Burger.

The King Burger Bob Born from an idea Sabatino Paganothe son of Finn with thirty years of experience in this sector, who wanted to give his city something unusually different and, above all, accessible to everyone.

there your location Simply but tastefully furnished, it has large interior spaces and outdoor space, very quiet and comfortable, directly overlooking the beauty Dante Square And on the wonders Monastery and Church of Saint Anthony It dates back to the second half of the fourteenth century.

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The kitchen can only be visible Services Fast, attentive and dynamic young staff always fully at the customer’s disposal.

It is also very easy to find parking in the immediate vicinity.

From King Burger Bob Not only can you enjoy an excellent selection of burgers a cowAnd the Angus or Qianina But you can also taste excellent quality meat like “a piece of beef” and the Tomahawk Steak; In short, things for true connoisseurs.

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Even fried foods are nothing short of amazing in terms of the beer you can enjoy TenentAnd the liv rosa And the Stella ArtoisAll on click.

From King Burger BobQuality and in-house experience.

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Address and phone number of King Burger Pub

King Burger Bob It is located at Mercato San Severino (SA) in Piazza Dante, 10/4.

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For information and reservations (+39) 340 9577502.

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King Burger Pub Mercato San Severino: photos and pictures