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Mental Health If you notice these symptoms, it’s time to seek help sooner!

Mental Health If you notice these symptoms, it’s time to seek help sooner!

There are some alarm bells that we should pay special attention to. In particular, these symptoms put our mental health at risk.

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for us Mind _ mind, if not well taken care of, can play tricks on us, making our lives problematic in many respects. Think only when we are feeling anxious or when thoughts are running through our heads, and they also affect our performance Daily activities.

We are not able to concentrate, we risk making mistakes at work or while studying, and this can also lead to bad consequences. a difficult periodAfter all, it can happen to everyone, and we can usually get over it with a good rest and a little focus. How do we understand, however, whether we have sanity Is it healthy or is there a defect in it?

We have some Forgetting It can happen to anyone, it’s human, but if it becomes a recurring condition it can be a wake-up call that something is wrong, and it can also be an indication of mental illness. The test can detect any degenerative diseases;.

Mental health: How to tell if something is wrong

team in Australia Bond University Developed a test capable of identifying any criteria for the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss, easy and fast to perform. As we age, brain cells also deteriorate, and this is normal, but this study is able to provide an effective diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.

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Simply testing is required 5 minutes And it is of the visual kind: the subjects are asked to remember the pictures of the houses, and then, they are tested on the pictures already shown and on the new ones. This test is able to assess differences in orientation skills in healthy subjects, and its effectiveness is also being evaluated in the elderly.

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The creators believe that this test can be easily used by general practitioners To identify the first signs of memory decay, thus being able to intervene immediately, thus addressing the symptoms of any degenerative diseases in advance. Additional help to discover new medicines and therapies to counteract these diseases.