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Men and Women, 'Tina Cipolari deserves a kick in the c**o': columnist infuriates everyone

Men and Women, ‘Tina Cipolari deserves a kick in the c**o’: columnist infuriates everyone

After the final episodes of “Men and Women”, Tina Sipolari irritates everyone, including one of the well-known former tronista characters.

Absence Tina Cibulari It upset many fans men and womenbut it seems that it was very welcome for the previous tronista Dating show Maria de Filippi. After seeing the columnist arguing fiercely with Pinochia in a study Channel 5Difficult words come Tina.

Men and women, Tina Cibolari in the crosshairs of the former tronista

Tina Cibulari Whether he loves himself or hates himself. Columnist character in men and women She has created, over the years, two very distinct factions divided between those who wish to relieve the Romans of her position and those who, on the contrary, do not even know how to imagine Dating show Maria de Filippi Without Tina champagne. During the last television season of the show, Onions Have clashed with many times Pinochia Who is considered a fake woman, attentive to the composition and looking for small moments of glory to resell it in Vigevano, where she considers herself a real star.

Increasingly pressing allegations Tina bring Pinochia to the collapse, letting herself weep, but also began to answer the columnist, who, according to her, would be disrespectful given her venerable age. Although interference Mariawho tried to persuade the two opponents to agree, Tina and Pinocia almost got hit The audience was forced to take sides again. If some viewers appreciate the truth Tinanoting that chronological age may not always be justified, and others fear it Onions Don’t be a good role model, yelling like that at an older woman in a period of time should be protected. Among those who can no longer stand Tina there are also Previous tronista Rossella Intellicatowho thundered on him Instagram:

“He doesn’t respect young people nor people of a certain age! The years go by but you always deserve a lot of kicks in the c**o”.

Very harsh comment from russella Who, years later, seems to have not yet been forgiven Tina for their fierce discussions. Perhaps, having lived on his skin, the former tronista wants to emphasize the comments Onions It can hurt deeply.

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