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Men and women, the unexpected farewell to the protagonist: the stern decision leaves audiences speechless

Men and women, the unexpected farewell to the protagonist: the stern decision leaves audiences speechless

Riccardo Guarnieri cannot forget his ex-wife, Ida Platano: the knight from Taranto contemplates a sudden move.

Members men and women They follow the developments of the latest episodes of the program with great participation, taking into account the many vicissitudes that occur day after day. Also for this reason the loyalists conducted the program Maria de Filippi They always want to peek into what happened during the recordings. In this sense, a great help comes from the Instagram page Menedonneclassicoeover, a fan page that has always been able to provide many updates both on those who attract and on the various heroes of thrones.

Study men and women websource

The latest rumors are related to one of the most famous figures in U&D, Ricardo Guarnieri, which was especially talked about for the never-ending story with Ida Platano. As also reported by LanostraTV, Faris Tarantino appears to have reached a tipping point, so much so that he conveyed a decision that leaves many fans of the historical dating show confused.

Riccardo Guarnieri is still very busy with Ida Platano: Confession

Riccardo Guarnieri had actually revealed Wanting to leave forever program for a specific reason. As explained by the page Men and women classic or moreIn fact, a knight of Apulian origin is still Too busy with Ida Platanoas revealed by all the women who have been trying Guarnieri so far.

Ricardo Guarnieri
Riccardo Guarnieri websource

The discoveries that would have made Guarnieri think a lot, who would have confessed to Maria de Filippi that He’s still jealous of his ex-wife I cannot bear to see her courted by other men.

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He said he’s jealous She is affectionate with others…and then he can’t forget her because every woman he goes out with is always asking about his ex…‘,” says the Menedonneclassicoeover Instagram page.

But for Ida Platano, no step back: what would the rider do?

However, Ida Platano made it clear in recent days No margins for reconfiguration The relationship with Riccardo Guarnieri, now torn. Big trouble for the knight from Taranto, who instead admitted he can’t turn the page and keeps thinking about his ex.

He obviously has to see his ex in the studio every day does not help Riccardo Guarnieri: That is why the protagonist of Men and Women is considering giving up the dating offer. “He can’t turn the page because Seeing her always hurts without a relationship…”concludes the fan page with “Men and Women”.