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Men and women, Luciano will no longer be in the studio: this is what happens

Men and women, Luciano will no longer be in the studio: this is what happens

Luciano Giannelli, knight of the throne of men and women, has been removed from the broadcast. here because.

men and women Returning in September with new episodes, new heroes and the most beloved faces in on the throne. Among these there will be no Luciano Giannelli, a knight known for his unbridled dances at the center of the study. here because of Luciano Say goodbye to the program Maria de Filippi.

Men and women, Luciano Gianelli removed from the program?

Champions on the throne They arouse a lot of sympathy among the audience, who sometimes grow in love with their stories and see them as grandfathers and grandmothers, still ready to bravely leap and fall in love, so as not to spend old age alone. Luciano Giannelli He is undoubtedly one of my favorite knights men and womenThanks to her unbridled dance center in the studio, that smile is always ready to fall on her face. Luciano He hasn’t found the woman of his life yet, but it looks like he won’t have a chance to look for her during the new season of Channel 5 dating show.

“The next version of the well-known dating program should dispense with Luciano … To prevent him from participating again in the program are his health problems, which worry both the editorial staff and Di Filippi very much.”

This is the news released by Fidelity House. In fact, this is over the last season of men and womenAnd the Maria She has repeatedly shown herself to be worried about him Luciano And who knows if the rider has reported some worrying deterioration lately. While Luciano Stay on the bench for his own good, Gemma Galgani left for another De Filippi show.

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