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Uomini e Donne, Lilli Pugliese ci ripensa sul trono? “Non sono adatta”

Men and women, is Lily Police rethinking the throne? “I don’t fit”

Did Lily Police rethink the throne of men and women? Won’t you accept the role in the next release?

Police Nightan experience men and women As suitor Luca Salatino, who eventually chose Soraia Ceruti, she has in the past few days answered questions and fan curiosities on social media. The most popular question was the question about the alleged participation in the next version of the dating show like tronista. This was answered by the 28-year-old former Romanian suitor.

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Men and women, did Lily Polisi decide to refuse?

The former suitor had already in a recent interview with Mondotv24 commented on the possibility of becoming a Tron player in the upcoming edition of Men and Women, saying:

I don’t think the throne will ever be shown, I’m a little talkative girl and I think in order to stay on the throne she should be able to talk like a ‘queen’, I see myself more as a ‘princess’. But if I must, and if I have already recovered from the blow, I will gladly accept, and I would like to find that true love also that I have seen so often leave the show, marry, have children, and thus create a family. Then every experience is a cultural baggage that makes you grow, and who would refuse such an experience.

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In the past few days she’s been back on the topic by answering fans’ questions and curiosities. In fact, many asked her if she would accept the throne. and police night he answered like this:

Twenty thousand of you have asked me this question. Yes guys I’ll go but I guess you know me a little bit and saw that I’m not very fit for the throne.

However, we specify that at the moment there has been no official proposal from Maria De Filippi and from the editorial staff. We just have to wait for updates on this. Who knows, maybe Lily will be one of the new Tronista!

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