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Men and women, health problems of Kiara Rabe: “Discovered during a gynecological examination”

A shocking statement from the suitors Chiara Rabbi Which reveals between the lines of a health problem not to be underestimated. Here are his words…

men womenKiara Rabe makes shocking discoveries on social media

Chiara Rabbi, former suitor men women Then the choice and today a girlfriend David Donady, is very much loved by the common people who like to follow it today almost daily social Where the girl has an almost constant thread with all of them. A person with a big heart, decided to announce it health problem, she should not be underestimated at all, it affected her for some time and that at first, as I made very clear, she underestimated her. This is because of what She appeared on TV somewhat bloated. Here is the explanation now…

The story of his health problems on social media

My first gynecological examination was delayed and they found mepartial ovary If I am not mistaken, they prescribe pills, and I was afraid of gaining weight, which is very wrong because it is not, you just need to know how to take it well, ” The young woman frankly admitted, bringing in a lot of determination but also a little healthy emotion.

Then he explained the reasons for his swelling: “I had a seven centimeter cyst in my ovary, and now I don’t quite remember any cyst. You have caused me a lot of problems in a very short time.

During her experience on the popular dating show Canal 5, Kiara decided that Do more testsI…

Health in the first place, the former suitor invites fans not to neglect themselves but toI

“At that time, I also found out that I had common bacteria that had to be removed. So you should always get all the necessary checks done. – He repeated the previous suitor and then immediately added: “ And do not neglect the breasts because I always suffer from a benign lump that does not know if it can be convertedNS “.

So the girl very wisely invited her followers, very many, to Always be attentive and do all necessary checks, bearing in mind the fact that life is a wonderful gift and we must live it fully as such, Respect and love her as it should be. To do this, it is necessary to prioritize health Because without it, as they say, we are not going anywhere!

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