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Men and Women, former tronet player Angela Artusin: 'Cancer is back'

Men and Women, former tronet player Angela Artusin: ‘Cancer is back’

We remember her as one of the contestants who mesmerized the audience the most men and women. Next to her sat in her copy Serena Enardo. The blonde and the brunette compete for the most sought-after man at the time: Giovanni Conversano.

John In the end he chose to try Sardinia Tronista, while his “mate” from the throne then decided to abandon the bid to attend Simon FeroliGuy I met outside of a reality show Maria de Filippi.

An acquaintance who then gave her orange blossoms and also Two beautiful children, my name and Santi.

We are talking about Angela ArtusinOne of the most popular tronista games. Beautiful long blonde hair, blue eyes and charming smile, also seen on TV as “Shedna”, for life Angela After the success and the spotlight it was not easy at all.

During her first pregnancy, a few months after giving birth, the woman discovered that she had a very rare form of cancer. News that overthrew the former tronista, who immediately began treatment with a lot of determination and determination. A true warrior underwent several surgeries before his recovery was declared.

Unfortunately, the news of the last hour, the “beast” is back to tweet. To give advertising, the same Angela on instagram, With a moving message he wanted to send to his followers, But above all for her children, her only strength.

Between the lines, it was also believed that the former tronista had been left alone, with no one on his side, to fight this battle again.

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Unfortunately, after a long absence on social media, Angela Artusin She’s back on her Instagram profile to give her audience a piece of news that no one will want to read.

Cancer, next to her owners, returned her strength.