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Men and women, expectations, the confrontation between Ricardo and Ida arrives: the whole truth

Men and women, expectations, the confrontation between Ricardo and Ida arrives: the whole truth

Let’s find out what happened in the new episodes of Men and Women, recorded yesterday, Friday, April 29, and today, Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Yesterday and today, Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April 2022, new episodes of men and women. The Dating show Maria de Filippi Preparing, in a few weeks, to wrap up the season, with The two choices for the classic throne are Luca Salatino and Veronica Raimondi.

Men and women, expectations, comes the confrontation between Ricardo and Ida

here progress From the two episodes, posted by .’s Instagram page Lorenzo Bugnaloni.

During the first recording, the entire episode focused on the events of the heroes on the throne, In particular, from Ida Platano and Ricardo Guarnieri. Between the ex-couple on a dating show, it looks like it’s arrived confrontation.

The police knight sat in the middle with the lady Glory Whoever wanted to make it clear that he has a closed class also because he brings another knight with whom his acquaintances will treat in the best way.

as a greeting IdaWhile that, Ricardo It was set in front of a kind of crossroads. According to the lady from Brescia, in fact, he not only had a friendly demeanor, and therefore asked for a position. Instead, Ricciardo wanted to emphasize that there is nothing but friendship. The impression is that Ida He still has a great deal of transport towards GuarnieriBut not the other way around.

Then they put themselves in the center of the study Alexander and Mrs. Concetta But the knight decided not to dig deeper. Alexander Instead, express a positive opinion of another lady in the salon. Bruno He met a lady from abroad and they exchanged messages. For him, on the other hand, another lady came down and kept her.

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As for the classic throneWhile that, Luca Salatino went out with Soraya While Aurora He was not in the studio. Veronica Raimondi Instead she went out with two suitors: Andrea and Matthew.

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