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"Meloni has taught us a lesson".  The number of women unmasking the Democratic Party

“Meloni has taught us a lesson”. The number of women unmasking the Democratic Party

It took very little to dispel the conventional rhetoric to which we were accustomed Democratic Party, who always gave lessons and pontificates to the female question. In these political elections, all the false morals and common double standards of the left were exposed: Georgia Meloney A PT anchored to a man instead is preparing to become the Prime Minister. And if you look at the data of the people elected in the new parliament, the embarrassment for the people will increase.

The problem with the Democratic Party

The data shows that the Democratic Party has a problem with female representation. The numbers related to the share of female strata that managed to find a place in the building cannot be overlooked: the numbers vary slightly depending on individual estimates, but the truth is Women Democrats make up less than a third of the newly elected. The sensational own goal of those who want to stand up as a champion convinces themselves of moral superiority over the center-right.

Dissatisfaction among Dem women began immediately after the polls. Criticizes the position of the outgoing Vice-Chancellor Alessia MoraniOnly 32 women have been elected to Democratic caucuses, according to: “The National Secretariat’s commitment to equality is different. Someone needs to tell what happened“.

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The senator is in the same line Monica Sirinna, which highlights 36 women out of a total of 119 elected, which corresponds to a third. So jab at those who communicate with the intention of deposing opponents: “Issuance of driving license is difficult and extensive machismo For the party to feature a female leader. Equality is practiced and not preached, otherwise it becomes a fig leaf to hide the games of currents“.

Even according to the companion Ciara Gribado Out of the 119 female members of parliament in the Democratic Party, the number of women parliamentarians is very low at 36. It refers to a topic to be talked about rather than just resorting to conversation: “It happened in 2018 and it will happen this time. We have to change radically Patriarchal culture This still holds true in the Democratic Party. It is the theme of the Congress, not the names“.

Melony’s lesson

It was a defeat within a defeat for the Democratic Party. Not only the electoral defeat, but also the representation of women has gone very badly. Many complain of being “landed” in complex boarding schools, difficult to bring home. There is no shortage of discontent. There is confusion. Laura Boldrini asks the feminist profession.At the forefront of the party’s ideas for radical change“.

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Today’s edition of Republic It talks about 34 MPs out of 106. And in this case less than a third. On the other side is Georgia Meloni: aspiring prime minister; President of the First Party of Italy; Leader of the center right. FdI’s number one fame Marianna Sideboard: “She was very good. We have to learn the lesson and go get things“. For that Simona MalpesiShould Senate Outgoing Group Leader Meloni Palazzo Settle in Sigi “Taking three steps back with her partner following her would be a scene of great symbolic impact that should make us question“.

Now, Democratic women are beginning to be put off by the paradox of a party that preaches the good and shuns the bad. tem is always used for theme Equality of men and women Like a flag to fly. Why, I still don’t know exactly. Because the numbers speak without a doubt. Once again, a good lesson has come from the center-right for the left, which is more interested in theory than practice.