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Meloney should be called "Prime Minister": communication to Palazzo Sigi Ministries

Meloney should be called “Prime Minister”: communication to Palazzo Sigi Ministries

call Georgia Meloney “Chairman of the Council of Ministers”. Official information reached all Ministries. From the Palazzo Sigi, new General Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office below, with the signature of Carlo Diotado. To the public’s surprise, it’s not a fake. Later in the evening, however, comes the clarification: Meloni prefers to be called “Prime Minister” rather than “Prime Minister”.

The text of the circular sent by Deodato to “all Ministries” is: “For appropriate information, the title used for the Head of the Council of Ministers is: ‘Chairman of the Council of Ministers, the Hon. . Giorgia Meloni’ “.

Already in notes sent to journalists by his communications staff, the head of the Brothers of Italy He is called “Prime Minister”.. Now the grammar test will appear in the official circular.

In the evening comes Carlo Diotado’s explanation: Meloni’s staff asks that the word “Mr” be corrected and deleted: “Mr. of the Council of Ministers, with a reference to the title used for the Prime Minister.” The words “Chairman” indicate that this formula is adopted by the offices of the President, which is indicated by the Office of State Ceremonies and Honors as more correct. However, the Chair of the Council, the Honorable Georgia Meloni, asks that the title to be used in corporate communications be “Chairman of the Council of Ministers”. Therefore, the note in question Please don’t take it into account because it has been changed. Currently one “.

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