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Mel, Codacons’ shadow on summer motto: What’s going on

The incredible success achieved could cost a mile dearly, the motto signed by Fides Lauro Berti. Here are the risks.

“Mille”: screenshot del video

There is no doubt that it was one of the biggest hits of the summer. Perhaps he can even win the summer “crush”, having already advanced from the moment the protagonists announced the job. Mile In fact, Fidez, Achille Lauro and Orita Berti success, is a combination of sounds that are probably not at all different from each other. They liked it however, the views on YouTube speak for themselves: nearly 63 million clicks reached, a Vevo testimonial and countless shares.

All is well then, with plenty of evidence that, after all, old and new generations of singers can somehow co-exist, beyond musical tastes. What’s wrong then? According to the Codacons, something is up. Consumers Association, in fact, Announced that the Antimonopoly Authority opened a case, Initial activities start not on the song itself but on the video. The problem is not with the text’s glyph (“Coca-Cola’s lips are red) but with the images.

condition Mile: The question posed by Kodakunz Company

Apparently, the circumstances may have already occurred for a hidden advertisement of Coca-Cola, a bottle of which appears during its consumption. In an investigation of this kind, it is not a secondary question, not least why The song’s success could be a dangerous throwback. Specifically, a rather heavy penalty. The Codacons explain this on a note, specifying that the question relates exclusively to the video. who “would not have respected the antitrust provisions under which viewers must be adequately informed even in music videos about the introduction of trademarks for commercial purposes.”

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The notice, as the Codacons themselves notes, “is on the official page of Mille’s video posted on Youtube”. The problem is that this will not be enough, because antitrust “ordered that this should be clarified” in the music videos. However, that must be said Mile It is not an isolated case, quite the contrary. The placement of products for advertising purposes in videos is a very periodic matter. However, according to the Codacons, Everything should be clear and clearOverlapping tags warning of the presence of trademarks for promotional purposes. If the violation is confirmed, the consequences could be severe, with a fine of up to 5 million euros.