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Meghan Markle, what she does every day to stay fit: Her secret is a flexible diet


Meghan Markle (Photo via ANSA) –

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, applies a flexible diet every day: this is how she stays fit.

After she took her first steps as an actress, she became a name Meghan Markle She ended up at the center of gossip in 2016 when English tabloids discovered her love affair with her Principe Harry. Then the two officially came out of the closet and in 2018 fulfilled their dream with a wedding that sparked discussion.

This is because the royal family apparently did not immediately welcome the actress in the best way because she was already divorced, an actress, and an American. This is the situation that prompted the couple to move away from the crown and today, Monday They live in America Away from the honors and burdens.

Therefore, Meghan did not conquer the royal family, but rather a large part of her subjects and the world Thanks to his style and physique.

Meghan Markle: Great interest in her fitness

the Markle She cares a lot about her style and you can see that in the clothes she shows in public every day especially on social occasions. There is no doubt that it has an important role His body is always lean Which the Duchess is particularly interested in. Meghan has spoken in the past about her poor diet, especially during her teenage years.

But now it seems that things have changed because the former actress has changed Always pay attention to what you eat Above all, he also devotes himself to sports, which is essential for maintaining his physical fitness. But what diet does Meghan follow? It’s about Flexible diet But let’s see what it consists of.

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Markle’s diet (photo from ANSA) –

Flexitarian diet: What Markle eats

According to the online portal gazzetta.itthe Markle Then one follows Flexible diet. This consists of a Huge consumption of vegetables, practically every day. However, they sometimes add foods such as meat, fish, milk, and eggs to their meals. Therefore, on the Sussex table there is never a shortage of chicken with vegetables, rice and zero kilometer products while chocolate or sweets in general are almost absent.

In addition to following a healthy diet, Megan is also interested in sports. In fact, she usually indulges in long and intense conversations Yoga and Pilates sessions And also never miss an appointment with him personal trainer To work on those important parts of his body. In short, even the Duchess of Sussex was attentive at the table but at the same time aware that she could indulge in some sinful gluttony and in this case rely on work in the gym.


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