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Harry ha prosciugato il conto: la cifra folle che Meghan Markle spende ogni mese

Meghan Markle spends $100,000 a month

Harry He will face a difficult financial situation, his bank account is in the red because he and Meghan Markle They’ll spend a lot more than they earn, despite the million dollar contracts they’ve signed left and right. Above all, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be spending huge amounts of money every month.

Harry and Meghan Markle bank accounts in red

For this Harry E Meghan Markle They hope so prince memory book, shoot, which promises to reveal steamy revelations about the royal family, becomes a bestseller. It is the only way they can maintain the ultra-luxury standard of living they are living in California and which they can no longer count on the income generously provided by King Charles III.

Therefore, the expert on royal affairs Dan Wootton will remain unheard of, who suggested that Harry terminate 97 million contracts with Netflix Out of respect for her family after the way she was described in Season 5 the crown.

Many wondered how Harry and Meghan’s millionaire deals managed to do so Drain the account in the bank. To deplore the disastrous situation for the Sussex, New Idea magazine has released reports on some statements by close friends of the couple emphasizing the financial difficulties the duchesses are facing.

Harry and Meghan Markle, shopping spree

Some talk about a very lavish lifestyle and extravagant expenses like that of the $10 million Villa Montecito. I think up until a few months ago, the couple was only considering moving to a more private area of ​​Los Angeles. A desire that will obviously remain unfulfilled. “Their villa costs almost 10 million and they have made many improvements! Not to mention the renovations they started in London, in their Kensington house, which they had to pay off, ”explained a source close to the couple.

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Another expense item that greatly affects the Sussex budget is the clothing and jewelry that Ms. Markle wears each time she takes part in public events. If the Crown once thought about the Duchess’s wardrobe, then after Megxit everything is up to her and her husband.

But the problem of liquidity Harry And Megan apparently stems from the fact that they haven’t received all of the compensation promised by Spotify and Netflix. An expert on real matters said: “Most of the amounts are distributed over a year or two, and they have only received small amounts at present….”

Harry and Meghan Markle have asked friends for loans

The prince and his wife will be very sad Ask for loans from friends. It appears that they asked acquaintances for money when they left England so that they could start a new life. But after two years, it’s time to bring them back. Really complicated situation and also embarrassing for Harry who never needed to beg for anything.

For her part, it seems that Meghan isn’t very good at saving and doesn’t want to give up any of her comforts. The chatterbox insists he has his hands full and that he spends close to $100,000 a month.