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Megan Markle is a candidate in the 2028 US presidential election

Megan Markle is a candidate in the 2028 US presidential election

C.I thought so Viewer The rumors that have been circulating in court for some time need to be formalized somehow Megan Markle’s political aspirations. In fact,Candidacy for the next US presidential election in 2028 is “inevitable”, The official British newspaper says in an article examining Megan Markle’s opportunities at the White House. The starting point? A Declaration To be surprised Valerie Biden Owens, The expert who had already organized the uprising of his brother Joe for the presidency of the United States.

Is Megan Markle the next candidate in the US election? The Fitzgerald love it

“Megan would be a great candidate” President Biden’s sister said in an interview with British television Good morning Britain, Invitation to the former actress to officially join the Democratic Party. And this is not a normal statement.

Duchess of Sussex in the Netherlands, April 2022 (IPA)

Valerie Biden Owens, a well-known figure in the American political landscape – writes journalist. Viewer Alexander Lorman – Counts every answer and does not miss anything that has not been analyzed in advance. So his words suggest that President Megan’s possibility is not so far away.

Harry and Megan Kissing Around the World: Invictus Games Launches Their Show

Harry and Megan Kissing Around the World: Invictus Games Launches Their Show

Important friends of Megan Markle

It is rumored that the Democrats have set their sights on the Duchess in 2028. In fact, since she returned to the United States with her princely husband, Megan Markle has been involved in many social campaigns. Gathering important contacts like Biden, Kamala Harris and Obamas. Says everything is serious. But will it be enough for her to enter the White House?

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However, the Americans are divided over Markley

If he loses the next election in 2024, Donald Trump could come back, the Democrats can use a celebrity to restore the party’s fortunes and the Duchess of Sussex will be very effective. They may like her more than Kamala Harris who is considered very weak as a candidate.

But Markle’s popularity in the United States has been steadily declining in recent monthsAnd the title of Duchess, which the former actress does not want to give up, is not properly considered in political circles.

Negotiated with Megan Apple And Amazon For him Pearl

Meanwhile, rumors spread that Megan was not sorry Shame on her Netflix In his destruction Animated series Pearl And it’s already in talks with other streaming sites. Sussex, sources close to them reveal, thought they had editorial control over everything and that their plans were all based on a simple presentation and the royal status of their title. How wrong they were …

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