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Medvedev: The West will try to dismember Russia. As long as America is in Europe, there is no balance.”

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev commented strongly meeting A US-led contact group for Ukraine was held on January 20 to coordinate further military assistance. RammsteinUS military base Germany. “Ramstein Encounter and Heavy Weapons Supplies a Kiev There is no doubt that our enemies will try to tear us apart or destroy us endlessly. They have enough weapons to do that. If necessary, they can start preparing new ones,” Medvedev wrote telegram. This, he later notes, leads him to make two considerations: the first is that “it’s going to be very difficult”. Second, “in the event of a protracted conflict, at some point a new military coalition may emerge, composed of countries irritated by the Americans” and their allies, defined as “their castrated dogs”). According to the Deputy Chairman of the Kremlin Security Council, only when the world regains its balance America They gave up on Europe and said, “What will happen to the poor Ukrainians. If it’s not too late.”

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