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Mediaset, screams and shouts during the program: “Your hand is on you, Gharib” | Total disgust

Mediaset, screams and shouts during the program: “Your hand is on you, Gharib” | Total disgust

A tense evening on Mediaset: The images leave viewers stunned. Here’s what happened and in what timeline.

Another evening of great reviews from Mediaset is one of the most anticipated shows of the year.The transmitted images, however, cause much debate.

On Temptation Island, couples put their relationship to the test. Among the love affairs at risk this year is the one between Christian and Ludovica..

After many betrayals on her part. Christian approached the broadcast with a desire to organize demonstrations. On your part.

During the last episode The two came to a very difficult confrontation. After Ludovica approached him One of the tempters, Andrea.

Temptation Island, Ludovica’s photos shock Christian

Christian is called to Benito a few days after his breakup with his girlfriend Ludovica. The latter appears in somewhat compromising situations with the seductive Andrea. The chemistry was evident through the jokes and even the frequent physical contact..Friend’s comments were not absent and film after film led to the inevitable moment of confrontation.

The boy, faced with videos of his girlfriend who was very close to the single man, decided not to continue his adventure further and asked to talk to her. Initially reluctant to face the fire of confrontation, Ludovica finally appeared. There, in front of Filippo Bisceglia, other rather compromising videos were shown..

Temptation Island Christian and Ludovica
Temptation Island –

Too much physical intimacy: Boyfriend’s anger explodes

The tempting one Andrea joins Ludovica in the room wrapped only in a simple bathrobe.Christian can’t hold back his anger and comments: “Naked with someone you’ve known for three days and you’re naked next to him but look”But that’s not all: a few minutes later, Ludovica and Andrea threw themselves into the pool and immediately decided to take a shower together.

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The video shows the image of a closed door from which only sounds come. You can guess from what you hear that the two, the girlfriend and the seducer, are definitely close. At that moment, Christian’s anger explodes. The boy does not want to stay with his girlfriend after seeing her intimate with another man. The moment of Filippo Pisciglia’s fateful question arrives: the host asks the two if they intend to give each other another chance and continue their story, but For Christian, seeing Ludovica being put in her hands by a stranger is too much.Thus, Christian and Ludovica leave the island of temptation separately.