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Medell's hand, Turin lacks a penalty.  Mihajlovic: "The referee's gift"

Medell’s hand, Turin lacks a penalty. Mihajlovic: “The referee’s gift”

The episode in the 27th minute, when Skorupski passes the ball to the Chilean who collects it with his hands in his area. Jurich: “The fourth official told me not to take such a punishment?” …

By our correspondent Mario Bagliara

On Sunday in Bologna Turin there was a penalty kick that looked sunny – when seen again – but it didn’t whistle. The episode occurs in the 27th minute of the first half, when Skorupski passes the ball to Medel and his hands catch it from the Rossobl defender in his small area. There was a lot of questions in the stands around the episode: Did the game stop? Was it strict? Why did the referee not see him?

Yellow was dissolved on Sunday by coaches, Sinisa Mihajlovic and Ivan Juric, at the post-match press conference. Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic commented first: “The referee ruled bad throughout the match but in this episode he gave us a gift: if he applied the regulation, it was clearly a penalty against us.”

After a few minutes, Ivan Yurich arrived, smiling, commenting: “Yes, it was a penalty. They did nonsense and had to pay for it. The fourth man came to me too and said: ‘Don’t you take a penalty like that?'” ‘Of course I’ll take it, but if they boo. “

the ring

To understand exactly what happened, we need to go back to the 27th from the first half of Bologna-Turin. Goalkeepers Skorubski and Middle are in a small area to take a shot from behind. Skorupski places the ball on the hit point and touches it with his foot for Medel as a short pass. At this point, something happens that leaves everyone with stones: Medell lowers himself to his knees, spreads his arms and catches the ball with his hands, rearranges it, and then kicks the bottom. Mandragora protested, demanding a penalty kick, but referee Massimi continues. Vaar is still silent. Toro was denied the rigors of solar energy.

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