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McDonald's closes 850 stores in Russia: "We will continue to pay our 62,000 employees"

McDonald’s closes 850 stores in Russia: “We will continue to pay our 62,000 employees”

After pressure and threats to boycott, nearly two weeks after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Mc Donald’s announces the temporary closure of all 850 stores in Russia. “We will continue to monitor the situation and assess whether further action is needed. At the moment it is impossible to predict when we will be able to reopenGeneral Manager Chris Kempczynky explained, who nevertheless explained it The company will continue to pay the salaries of its 62,000 employees in the country.

Close decision after criticism

The decision to close their restaurants came after the harsh criticism they received from social media, and it should satisfy the general public, who have been clamoring for companies for days. Take moral responsibility and act to protest the invasion of Ukraine. However, this shutdown is also a victory for investors worried about potential reputational damage, as well as heightened legal risks, sanctions compliance and human rights.

Our values ​​tell us not to ignore unnecessary human sufferingKempczynki later stressed that, “This is what is happening in Ukraine.

The fast food giant joins List of multinational companies fleeing from Russia. Oil companies, Apple, Nike, and Ikea, to name a few, have already done so in recent days.

But criticism of McDonald’s also affects other companies such as Coca Cola, StarbucksKFC and Pizza Hut. And in the end too Today, March 8, Starbucks decided to close its 130 coffee shops in the country. We condemn the horrific Russian attacks in Ukraine and stand in solidarity with all those affectedCEO said Kevin Johnson. Who added:We continue to monitor the tragic events and today we have decided to suspend all activities in Russia, including shipping all Starbucks products.”

Arriving in Russia in 1990

In Russia and Ukraine, McDonald’s has only 2% of its total restaurants that come from 9% of global revenue (about $2 billion). A small stake, even if it’s not a trivial one, which is actually the result of years of investment and work.

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When the brand opened in 1990 in Moscow, then still part of the Soviet Union, It was an unusual event: has become a symbol of the rise of capitalism at the expense of communism. On his first day of work, about 30,000 Russians queued up to sample the famous burger.