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Mazzette in the EU, Panzeri’s accountant under house arrest: “Architect of the recycling network”.  Giorgi: “He went to the World Cup with an ex-partner”

Mazzette in the EU, Panzeri’s accountant under house arrest: “Architect of the recycling network”. Giorgi: “He went to the World Cup with an ex-partner”

It was her Architect of the recycling network Imputed Income Bribery from Qatar and Morocco In support of former Division 1 MEP, Antonio PanzeriAnd men loyal to him. With this charge, the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office requested and received a way European Arrest WarrantPretrial Detention House Arrest Monica Rossana Bellini, the former accountant of the Pancheri family. Thanks to the statements of the politician’s former aide, Francesco GiorgiIt revealed the role played by professionalism in the corruption scandal that hit European Union Parliament. And Georgie announced to the judges that he and Bancheri were there “During the World Cup” flew to Qatar.

Bellini was thus arrested by Milan’s Guardia di Finanza. Not even 24 hours ago the news broke that the former trade unionist had relented and signed a deal with prosecutors: he would spend a year in prison in exchange for “he would expose the whole scandal”. Bellini charged Criminal Society, Corruption And RecirculationAnd has already been sought in recent weeks by the Guardia de Finanza, which was coordinated by the deputy Fabio de PasqualeAlways at the request of the Judiciary Brussels. The accountant, in various capacities, appears as part of the board of auditors of some municipal companies in Milan. Milanosport. He has held various professional positions in a centre-left-led municipality in the Sir-Belt of Milan and has been on the board of auditors of public companies.

A decision must be made on the extradition of the woman, whose objections have been raised, as have others arrested in the Belgian investigation. Milan Court of Appeal. As far as is known, the European Arrest Warrant does not specify specific elements other than the offenses alleged by Belgian judges. As soon as the order came to the investigators of the Guardia di Finanza, the arrest was carried out.

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Disputes against the accountant with the office of the Opera (Milan), especially from what is known, Financial movements through corporate structures Because of her. These institutions are above all at the center of this investigation Equality Consulting Limited Founded in December 2018 and had father and brother as majority shareholders Francesco GiorgiFormer collaborator of former MEP Antonio Panzeri arrested by Belgian judge Michael Glass. The 55-year-old woman and adviser to the Panzeri family held a minority stake. An organization formally created to “develop” relationships with NGOs, organizations and “peers in third countries”. In the same period, according to the acts of the Belgian investigation, another similar company Estonia.

As for the Judiciary in Brussels, as has already come to light, Bellini would have handled the “management and financial advice” of Panzeri and his wife, which the records suspect, “Recycling activities” by some companies. The woman is due to appear in a hearing before the Milan appeals court in the next few hours, possibly in the afternoon, for the start of the procedure to extradite her to Belgium. “We’re working,” the lawyer explained succinctly Liliana Gresimannawho protects her along with her colleague Franca dicandia.

Giorgi, in his reports, goes into great detail about Bellini’s role in the deal. “At the beginning of 2019, Bancheri thought rather than took it Money That would have been desirable Create a legal framework By then we could have participated, mainly because he, I had my job, e This can manage cash flow In a legal way. For this Pancheri turned to his accountant Monica Bellini, who accompanied Pancheri to Qatar during the World Cup. Therefore, it is from this idea of ​​Panzeri that, according to Giorgi’s previous statements revealed by Fatto Cotitiano, would have been suggested by Qatar and its man. Petahar Boudjellal said Algerian, The Accountant’s Role is Important: “A consulting firm called Equality was created in Italy and provided services to a company. England. The ‘Palestinian’ suggested that he return Hakan And to his company in England, whose name I forget. Since it is an English company, documents had to be prepared in English. My involvement was to get Panzeri, his accountant Monica Bellini and his daughter in touch Sylvia Bancheri (None of them spoke English) with Hakan. And Sylvia has prepared the documents as a lawyer. I also contributed to creating equality based on my language skills. For an English company to justify using an Italian company, the services must be provided in the English language. So, the report continues, “Not knowing what was going on, I asked my family’s English-speaking acquaintances to offer concrete services”.

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With Bellini’s arrest, it is increasingly possible that the Milan public prosecutor’s office could be opened. Independent Inquiry File. And because the charges against the Pancheri accountant are alleged to be corrupt money laundering profiles. Gdf investigators have to collate and examine the papers, which will lead to later opening A Milan trial. Also, investigators from Brussels will arrive in Milan next week, possibly together with magistrates, to make forensic copies of IT devices and for coordination meetings.