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Mazzette from Qatar, Belgian socialist MEP Marc Tarabella, was also sought after. Stations validated: also Kaili and Panzeri


Like a domino effect, the Belgian investigation into alleged bribes collected by various Socialist politicians, Including former deputy Antonio Panzieriincluding new characters over the course of hours. After the arrest of the deputy speaker of parliament, Eva Cayley, In his home where bags of money were found, Belgian investigators, coordinated by the Brussels prosecutor’s office, searched the home of the Socialist parliamentarian on Saturday evening. Mark Tarabella. An action by the judicial police took place in the evening in his presence and under the supervision of the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola. Article 59 of the Belgian Constitution provides for the presence of the Speaker of the Parliament to which you belong in the event that an elected representative is sought in Belgium. The Brussels judiciary approved the arrest and confirmed the charges against four people arrested in recent days. On Friday, former MEP Antonio Panzieri, a trade unionist, was arrested Luca VisentiniPartner Eva Kylie Francis George And the Nicolo Vega TalamanqueA from the NGO “No Peace Without Justice”. According to Le Soir Visentini, he was released on parole, Kylie and Jorge are still in prison, while the father of the former vice president has been released from prison. The arrest of Antonio Panzieri has also been validated. “The European Parliament and President Metsola cooperate actively and fully with the judicial authorities – stressed Juri Lass, the spokesperson for the President – in favor of the course of justice.” The various offenses attributed to the defendants are corruption, money laundering, and participation in a criminal organization.

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News of the search for Tarabella was spread by the Belgian newspapers Le Soir and Knack. All IT devices were seized by investigators from the OCRC (Central Office for the Suppression of Corruption) led by Judge Michel Cleese. Mark Tabella is not stopped. The arrest can only be carried out in flagrante delicto as happened with Kylie, who was arrested on Friday. Together with Tarabella, he is the second MEP to be officially mentioned in the inquiry. On Friday, the judicial police seized Tarabella’s office in the Eurochamber hall. Tarabella is a Walloon of Abruzzo origin. At the public debate in Strasbourg on the World Cup in Qatar 21 last NovemberTarabella, was held A non-negative speech about the progress made by the Gulf state, albeit less enthusiastic than the one launched by Greek Vice President Eva Kaili. Only nine years ago – Tarabella said in the room – we voted in favor of a resolution on the deplorable situation of workers in Qatar. For nine years there was no solution for the simple reason that there was progress in workers’ rights. So the situation today is clearly not ideal in Qatar, far from it. There is still a lot of progress to be made, but it is still the country that has embarked on the path of reforms. Perhaps the organization of the World Cup was the driving force that accelerated these reforms.” He added, “We must recognize today that Qatar is” the best. “The only country in the Arabian Peninsulawhich “abandoned the kafala system, the system of labor dependence. The minimum wage, the payment in the current account, the regulation of intra-company consultations, even if unions are still not authorized today. So it seems to me today that negative and one-sided rhetoric is detrimental to the future development of rights in Qatar.Because the important thing is that as soon as the World Cup lights are turned off, positive development continues not only in Qatar, but can extend to all countries of the Arabian Peninsula.If there are two million migrant workers in Qatar, there are forty million throughout this region and they all deserve a fate Much better “.

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As reported by Le Soir Tarabella, 59, was a Member of the European Parliament from August 2004 to July 2007 and then again from July 2009. Tarabella is the Deputy Head of Delegation for Relations with the Arabian Peninsula in the European Parliament. He also served as Minister of Education and Walloon in the French Community (2007-2009). At first, he was dissatisfied with the classification of Qatar as a host country for the 2022 World Cup, “in the past year it has greatly reduced, and also increased its interventions in favor of the Gulf state.” The Belgian newspaper mentions how the European Parliament declared on October 26 that striking Qatar (“Qatar bashing”) was “ridiculous and hypocritical” because “the country has made many efforts, especially with regard to workers’ rights.” On the same day, he said in “L’Avenir”: “Boycotting Qatar is hypocrisy. The situation could be improved, but there has been progress. Giving up on big screens and public radio is really stupid. The World Cup is a party that should be enjoyed together. I encourage people to follow it. It is a position he has repeated several times in the media as well as in conferences.” And then specifically in the public debate. “The State of Qatar categorically rejects any attempt to link it to allegations of misconduct,” an official in the State of Qatar said in a statement.


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