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Maxi Bonus for all categories


The huge bonus that all families living in Italy have been waiting for for a long time has finally arrived.

This time, the tax return has nothing to do with it: this is the allowance for which an ISEE certificate is not required. Many citizens are already lining up to apply for it.

Find out if you can claim it too, what you’re entitled to and how exactly the new helpful government benefit works.

Italian citizens who have managed to take advantage of the maximum bonus will be able to benefit from receiving 8,000 euros from the State: let’s see how it works right away.

Maxi Bonus, the new government allowance that entitles you to thousands of euros

After providing many government rewards, which require obtaining a specific ISEE, fFinally, relief has arrived that does not take into account tax returns. The new maximum bonus, for which it is not necessary to present the ISEE certificate, is tempting for many, and there are already many Italian citizens queuing to receive the money in their bank accounts. In fact, the characteristics of this maximum government bonus were defined by the decree of June 12, 2024, and it was decided to introduce Tax exemption, which will be guaranteed until the funds are exhausted.

We see What will the new maximum reward set by the government achieve? For the benefit of citizens and families residing in Italy, we also try to clarify the timing and methods of submitting the necessary application to obtain the allowance.

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Advantages obtained without submitting an ISEE certificate

The maximum premium is for electric poles, It allows you to get a tax exemption for purchasing and installing charging systems, Which is used to power all electric vehicles. This is a government bonus that allows you to benefit from the total 20 million eurosDirectly allocated by the Ministry of Business and made in Italy, it is a depletion bonus.

This can be requested by individuals or residential units. You can get your money back. 80% of the amount spent For the purchase and installation of charging stations. The maximum deductible expenses are: 1,500 euros to Private users And even 8,000 Euro for stations installed in buildings Housing units. the Requests Can be submitted by Raw 12:00 DellJuly 8, 2024 Via the platform investia, By authenticating with your digital identity, more precisely with SPID or CIE.

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