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Max Giusti and the nightmarish plane ride to Olbia: the failed adventure


The trip to Sardinia proved to be full of adventure Max GiustiHe finds himself having to deal with a power outage that occurred even on the plane. The comedian narrated his terrible adventure on Instagram, and told his followers what happened. Fortunately, the story ended with a happy ending, even if the flight was significantly delayed, two and a half hours behind the scheduled time.

“Danger of panic scenes”

The episode happened yesterday, Friday, June 21. Max Giusti was leaving for Sardinia to enjoy a few days of holiday in Olbia.“In recent months, I have taken many planes to work, and I am almost always on time. Today I decided to take a day off, even Sunday, but my flight has two flights. An hour and a half late. On the day of leaving for vacation, a series of unexpected events occurred.

After waiting more than two hours at the airport to be able to board the plane, Giusti unfortunately discovered that the “surprises” were not over yet, but on the contrary. The passengers had recently boarded the plane and were still settling in when the car suddenly collided black out And it all came out. It’s certainly a discouraging premise, and one that clearly caused some tension among those in attendance. The comedian maintained his smile and tried to calm things down:“Let’s see what they tell us, because if we all run together, there will be too many of us and there will be no welcome downstairs. We understand what they are telling us. Let’s stay calm, it’s a situation I’ve never encountered before. Let’s hear what they’re telling us, let’s do it.” “But in order, otherwise we will get hurt.”

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Happy ending

Fortunately nothing serious happened. The plane was not seriously damaged and was able to take off immediately. It is clear that the arrival at Olbia occurred with great delay. “Everyone arrived alive!! It’s 10.57pm,” This was written by Max Giusti, who wanted to reassure his followers. “Anyway, thanks to the Volotea staff who did everything to get us started.

Courtesy of the leader without his insistence and professionalism with his insistence crewWe were never going to leave“, commented the comedian.“Above all, we were taking risks Panic scenes Due to a power outage that occurred while we were in the parking lot.” He finished.


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