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Maurizio Costanzo, worried about health conditions: "We will meet again"

Maurizio Costanzo, worried about health conditions: “We will meet again”

It was recently announced that Maurizio Costanzo’s show has been postponed in connection with the usual dates, and this has caused many to worry about Maurizio Costanzo’s health conditions.

However, the presenter and journalist wanted to reassure his audience by informing everyone about his health conditions. Here’s how Maurizio Costanzo is.

Maurizio Costanzo is one of the historical faces of the press and television in Italy, he was able to offer another way of doing talk show on television, just think of the famous Maurizio Costanzo Show And previous programs such as good for them And the Charm.

journalist and writera man of great cultural level Maurizio Costanzo He has been married more than once but has remained faithful to the Queen of Mediaset for many years, Maria de Filippi. A golden couple in every sense of the word, even for his earnings. Do you know what number we are talking about?

Definitely how TV works Costanzo is like an American model And we can say that it was thanks to him that the talk show, which was designed in this way, arrived in Italy. In Costanzo’s living room, there were many personalities including actors, singers, opinion leaders and dignitaries, including political figures, some of whom later became famous thanks to their presence on Maurizio Costanzo’s show. For example did you know that Did Valerio Masandrea debut there? And with him also the legendary Tina Cipolari Today, a constant presence for men and women.

Throughout his long career He interviewed the most important names in history From our country and abroad, from cinema to television, passing through politics. We can mention some of these names like Giovanni Falcone, Toto and many more.

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Curiosity about the journalist and presenter is that he also wrote the lyrics of some famous Italian songs, one above all: “If You Call” is sung by Mona.

Health conditions of Maurizio Costanzo

Like we said, in the past few days Maurizio Costanzo’s show has been suspended, Fans were generally left stunned and worried as there was talk of the host’s health issues. But it seems that these health problems are not serious The journalist himself wants to be reassured All his fans directly, explaining that these are not serious problems.

journalist released a video In it, he said directly that he was fine and had little effect. Only the Maurizio Costanzo Show episode has been postponed. We bring you the words of Maurizio Costanzo.

“Hello everyone and sorry if I bothered you, I’m in my living room, and I have some fever streaks: Nothing serious, but it’s the result of the season, it’s the flu. For that reason, a Costanzo special will be airing tonight, with a series of selections from different and important episodes.”

The journalist’s very calm words It certainly allayed suspicions of a serious health condition that was ultimately just a rumor. Follow Costanzo in these terms:

“Then everything will pass and from next week we will meet again, this time not from the living room of my house, but from the Parioli Theater. Thank you and let me.”

Upcoming episodes as always will be full of interesting columns and high-profile guests such as: Urbano Cairo, Giuseppe Conte, Alberto Matano, Ricky Tognazzi and Patty Pravo.

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