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Maturity, Valditara expects: “First Test? Interesting. Second? Not difficult”


We are here now. Tomorrow, Wednesday 19 June at 8.30, the 2024 Matriculation exam starts: Italian Essay. The Minister of Education and Qualifications, Giuseppe Valditara, answered the questions of the students on the day before the state exams. Valdithara wanted to clear up some doubts that had surfaced in recent weeks and reassure the graduates about the meaning of the tests. This was reported by, a portal that also published some previews given by the minister. Traces of written Italian? “Graduate students will find them interesting.” Second exam, in specific subjects? “Not particularly hard, they don’t bother the average student.” Orally? “It’s not imaginary, I hope it happens in a very conversational and peaceful way, and that’s actually the recommendation we made to the commissioners.”

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During the interview, the minister also highlighted his past as a classical high school student with a diploma grade of 56/60. Also, it makes a prediction about the future of the maturity test, which, according to him, is still meaningful today because it is between adolescence and adulthood, when one becomes a “responsible citizen”. A good part of high school graduates – 1 in 2 according to’s survey – believed to be related to the state exam, the minister categorically clarified some doubts regarding the master piece of students: “A fake message – comments Valdita – we always deny. Master piece is for the young man and his teachers his It’s a tool for understanding what real potential is.” Valditara recalls that, in fact, “reading the papers, it was immediately clear that it had nothing to do with the exam. But then there were rumors that he had to prepare for his high school diploma. There were even members of parliament who attacked the minister that I first introduced him to the exam and then took a step back. .

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An imaginative reconstruction according to Valdidaara: “The masterpiece – he underlined – goes hand in hand with the idea of ​​personalizing the school experience. It must also be prepared in the previous years. Highlight the interests, dreams and predilections of students and then develop them. This is the way to bring out the talents of young people. In the December 2022 circular, the teacher We also made it clear in the circular that introduced the author. We never said that the masterpiece was required as a new final thesis.” Valdithara’s advice about the rebellion is to put aside anxiety and enjoy the event: “Your main enemy – he says – is stress. Relax today, now you know what you’ve learned. You are exceptional guys, know the value in each of you.” A plea for silence, which extends to the oral examination, does not constitute an “opinion examination”. In fact, Valditara believes that “everything can be done in a very conversational and relaxed atmosphere.” Translated into practical terms, commissioners have the right to ask questions on matters within their competence, but at the same time are called upon to demonstrate “maturity and acquired awareness” in the interview.

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