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Matt Fitzpatrick’s US Open victory is a leap in time


A triumph starting from afar, from a black and white photo taken on September 20, 1913, the day golf became a popular and therefore global sport. A victory that could mark a turning point in an era when the golf world is searching for Tiger Woods’ heir

History repeats itself in the most unbelievable way and in the past it seems the most natural outcome given the historical cycles and calls that took place in the past at Brookline Country Club. LED perfect compatibility of planets Matt Fitzpatrick27-year-old English talent to triumph in The 122nd Edition of the US Openthe first Big Championship of his young career. A victory starting from afar, from a black and white photo taken on September 20, 1913 here, in front of the Historical Museum club houseDay golf has become a popular and therefore global sport.

We are a stone’s throw from Boston, Massachusetts, the land of big bread and organic farms. Here golf has developed since 1882, a course designed by the Scots, and one of the hundred most beautiful courses in the United States. A course full of chutes, veggies sloping, and three level 3 tall figures to which 16 treacherous plus four blind holes are added, you play without reference points, the ball flies and hides behind the bumps and you know how you go. Waiting for the audience’s reaction. Brooklyn is played for the fourth time, here the US Open is always decided by the playoff, in 1988, Curtis Strange stretched Nick Faldo, in 1963 Julius Burruss beat Arnold Palmer and Jackie Cobbett, but the most anticipated ending remained 1913 is not like Coincidentally, Bill Paxton’s movie with Shia LaBeouf dedicated the victory of Francis Oymet, the most famous game in golf’s history, inspired by “the greatest game of all time.”

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Here at Brookline, everyone is still talking about it, Ouimet was twenty years old and Eddie Lowery exactly half, he was a poor boy, who lived a few feet from the court and learned to play at night, with his losing balls. others. In order to play he asked for two days off. How to miss the chance to see the greatest players of the time, Harry Vardon, on board a navy ship from the UK and Ted Ray, the American champion? Francis Oemé won against all odds and became a national champion, a thrilling feat that made headlines around the world, galvanized the number of players and laid the foundation for modern golf.

Who knows if Matt Fitzpatrick will be able to take a picture like Ouimet, it’s so well framed in the big club living room and there are all the friends on that memorable day, the caddy with the white towel around his neck, many ties and the hand in the second row holding a horseshoe . The luck charm never stopped working and yesterday suddenly became colorful. on the other side Here at Brookline Country Club in 2013 Fitzpatrick won the American Amateur Awardexactly one century after Ouimet And right hereSunday afternoon, He won the US Open, the only player to win two titles in the same field, like Jack Nicklaus in Pebble Beach exactly fifty years ago. Historical Courses and Appeals.

A victory that could mark a turning point in an era when the golf world is searching for Tiger Woods’ heir. Four days of battle with all the strongest on the field, obviously Scotty Schaeffler who dreamed of winning the championship on his home soil as the number one in the world, John Ram who wanted to emerge after the success of Tory Pines, our beloved Rory McIlroy, once again among the first, until the last nine Holes and Hideki’s silent Matsuyama, a perfect 65 without even a bogeyman to close the tournament three laps below par, isn’t enough to win the championship. Guido Migliozzi, even after finishing fourth last year and a nasty season, could have surprised yesterday at last with an excellent performance, 14th at the end but plenty of errors on the Green colorOtherwise, he would have participated in the game.

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In the end, the real duel between Matt Fitzpatrick and Will Zalatores, the rising star of American golf, glued together for 54 holes in a thrilling challenge where few details made the fate of this side of the ocean happen, and perhaps that’s perfect wood when 13 then put the batting from 50 feet and again from 20 feet at 15. Just an uncertainty on the last hole, the basement on the left of tee For Fitzpatrick but then a wonderful seven iron colon backspin Which mentioned a lot of Sandy Lyle’s memorable coup in the 1988 Masters Tournament.

Then Zalatores had the last chance to get to him in Hole 72, A Hit For a little over five metres, he knew that at this point you always end up widening, and often when the stress reaches its maximum, he’d thought about it for a long time, and he must have made a logical calculation, to make up for the tension Fate just. Two critical millimeters, perhaps a blade of grass, the ball barely entered and the house crowd sent screaming back to their throats. There are no playoffs this year in Brooklyn, but history is repeating itself. A century after the victory of a young Ouimet, Fitzpatrick died in Brookline. Half a century later, Nicklaus, just like Ouimet, won the US Open as well as the US Amateur. A victory that will remain in the records, once again at the legendary Eighteen Country Club.


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