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Mastercard Crypto Secure launched, European Parliament votes on blockchain use

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Banking news

  • according to mentioned From CNBC, Mastercard will unveil a new program on Tuesday, called secure encryption, This will help banks to identify and block transactions from cryptocurrency exchanges that are vulnerable to fraud. This system is based on data from the blockchain and other sources, and is powered by CipherTrace, a blockchain security startup that Mastercard acquired last year.

adoption news

  • Plan Foundation ₿, A joint initiative of the City of Lugano and the issuer of the USDT stablecoin, Tether, has announced a collaboration with GoCrypto, to officially bring payments to the Bitcoin (BTC), rope (USDT) and LVGA in Lugano. Starting today, GoCrypto payments will be available at nearly a dozen merchants in the city, including McDonald’s, art galleries, and more.

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Regulatory news

  • The European Parliament has voted to use blockchain technology to modernize taxes. according to mentioned From the press release, the approved resolution “establishes a framework within which the two goals of using blockchain for taxation and uniform taxation of crypto assets can be achieved.”
  • according to established Monday from federal court, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) The United States can notify a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through a help bot on the website and a forum post; Therefore, Ooki DAO was appropriately notified. According to the document, “The court orders that Ooki DAO be notified of the trial as well by filing a copy of the summons and complaint through the Ooki DAO Help Chat Box, with a simultaneous notice via posting in the online forum. Ooki DaO.” The DAO has three weeks to respond.
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news on wallets

  • developers open network (tons) announced the launch of the P2P Marketplace, which will allow Telegram’s 550 million monthly users to trade Toncoins directly on the messaging platform. Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from them and between them, as the wallet service acts as the guarantor of the transaction. The service supports USD, EUR, UAH, BYN and KZT. They added that Wallet is an independent commercial service that is not affiliated with Telegram.

Security News

  • according to mentioned From on-chain analytics firm Elliptic, cybercriminals have used decentralized exchange (DEX), bridges and currency swaps to launder nearly $4 billion since 2020.
  • Non-fungible token artist (NFT) Mike Winkelman, better known as “Beeple”, may have “hijacked” Discord’s URL, directing users to a fraudulent channel draining wallets. Pebble Tweeted: “It looks like our dispute URLs have been hacked to lead to a fraudulent dispute. Don’t get into this dispute and don’t check it, it will drain your wallet!!!”.

DeFi News

  • Lens protocol As the first protocol to use the Polygon Home Network Push Communication Protocol (MATIC). The Lens Protocol suite of technologies for building decentralized social apps was launched in May 2022 by the Aave companies, and is active on Polygon and working to provide more than 100 decentralized social media apps.Advertising.

NFT News

  • Levvels, the joint venture between Dunamu (South Korean cryptocurrency exchange operator, Upbit) and Hybe (the K-pop entertainment company of world-renowned group BTS), said this month it will launch an NFT platform dedicated to K-pop digital collectibles, such as Reports Smart Times. The NFT platform, MOMENTICA, will release digital collectibles called TAKE in photo and video format that capture the unique moments of a K-pop singer.
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investment news

  • according to mentioned From TechCrunch, the investment app stash Cryptocurrencies add to the range of products offered to its two million users. Ed Robinson, co-founder and president of Stash, shared the latest figures for the company’s annual revenue, saying it’s now $125 million.