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Masahiro Sakurai posts his latest photo on Twitter -

Masahiro Sakurai posts his latest photo on Twitter –

Masahiro Sakuraiboss Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimateon Twitterlast picture The game is taken from the patch version. As the last tweet suggests, he intends to start something new, but no one knows what. Earlier this month, he mentioned that he was about to run out of publishable screenshots and now it’s time to say goodbye.

Sakurai: “This concludes the daily posting of Smash Ultimate images that I started in December 2019.
thanks for the support! #SmashBros

Anyway… I was thinking of starting something new (this time it won’t be daily).

Come back at the same time tomorrow for more information.

The last picture in the question is one picture smash the ballideal for closing the project, as it allows you in the game to perform the “ultimate smash” attack.

We don’t know if Sakurai’s new social project will always interest the Smash Bros. series. The game is now out of its development cycle, although there are still some initiatives around it, like the amiibo of Steve and Alex from Minecraft arriving in September 2022.

Sakurai has yet to announce his new projects, which may not even be related to video games (at least not directly).

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