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Martina Melidi of Amici 20 in hospital: 'I didn't eat or drink'

Martina Melidi of Amici 20 in hospital: ‘I didn’t eat or drink’

Fear of the former dancer Friends 20 Martina Melide. The young Sardinian told fans that she had to escape to the hospital due to a health problem in recent days. The dancer became famous for participating in the latest edition of Talent Maria de Filippi And he ended up at the gossip center of the triangle Aka7even NS Raphael Renda.

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Martina Melidi in the hospital

Martina told her followers what happened to her and the fear she felt: “Sorry for the absence. I’m a little better. I was checked and we have now found the right treatment. It is much better. Don’t worry, we ran some tests because I was sick. I had a slight fall today and went to the emergency room for some tests to make sure everything. I didn’t eat or drink.

Martina Melidi in the hospital

They added cortisone and antibiotics because I had a severe sore throat. Now let’s try to understand if with such care we can empty everything”, he explained. Then hours later he added, reassuring the crowd: “I’m so much better, cortisone works wonders.”

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