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Marsaglia gold in the jump platform 3 meters and bronze for Tucci!

Marsaglia gold in the jump platform 3 meters and bronze for Tucci!

Italy dream in the continental review: Roman and Calabria, first and third in the 3m podium, repeat the double podium from the counter. Another medal comes from great heights

The dips Give an impression again toItaliain the last stages of European Championships in Rome. After the double podium in a 1 meter starting podium, Lorenzo Marsaglia and Giovanni Tucci Repeat from 3 meters: the apotheosis of the Roman, who with the perfect race and 453.85 gold points, ahead of the British Holden. On the other hand, Bronze for Calabria sneered laughed. In conclusion comes another medal, with third place Alessandro de Rose In diving from great heights.

Giovanni Tucci and Lorenzo Marsaglia were confirmed at the European Championships in Rome and, after the double medal from the metro, took another historic double in the 3m podium. This time the Roman is the one who rejoices in an amazing gold, and he arrived after a perfect test. The start of the match is encouraging for the Azzurri: Tucci is in the lead after two dives at 160.50, the second Tucci (156) and Marsaglia third (142.85). The turning point comes in the middle of the race: the Briton makes a fatal mistake and shifts the classification, putting his compatriot Holden back in play. However, the great protagonist is Roman Marsaglia, who charted a clear path in the second half of the race: blue puzzles in every possible attack and exceeded 80 points twice, breaking through for the first time in his career the high 450. His gold medal is irreplaceable and he reaches full merit: won Lorenzo Marsaglia with 453.85 points, and has a victory missed by Italy since 1974, with Klaus DeBase. Houlden’s silver medal (428.55), while the fight for bronze turns into a challenge for those who make fewer mistakes. After a dramatic mistake in the fourth dive (36 points), Tucci recovers by four and a half (91.20) and takes advantage of Luger’s new mistake to reach the podium, although the return of the three-and-a-half set is uncertain. Marsaglia d’Oro and Tucci de Bronze with 392.70 points. Two Italians on the 3-meter podium, as in Vienna 1974, and the medals rise to 11: four gold, two silver, five bronze. The podium did not reach, however, in the women’s synchronization from the 10m podium: Eletra Neroni and Maya Biginelli, born in 2003, took fourth place out of four registered pairs. Gold went to Great Britain before Ukraine and Germany.

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Azuri who also rejoices in diving from great heights, repeating yesterday’s medal obtained by Elisa Cossetti in the women’s test. Alessandro de Rose started sixth, after the first two dives, but managed to climb to the podium with an impressive performance. The man from Cosenza lays the groundwork for his comeback on the third try, then gets a stunning result in the fourth and final jump of 27 meters on the Rome podium: 124.55 for a total of 415.45 and added to the error. From the French legend Gary Hunt, they gave him a bronze. Romania’s double, with the gold of Popovici (455.70) ahead of Breda (436.20), but the blue comes in third place: So the medals from diving goes up to 12. With Italy you smile twice, because young Barnabas conquers the top 10: the future is his.